Within 5 steps to an fast morning routine

Is it a race against time every morning for you? Your hair is all over the place, your pants are sinking and your mascara is literally all over the place, except on your eyelashes. As you might conclude from the category ‘The morning ritual of…’, we too are not always a star in planning our morning. Why are we women always in such a hurry in the morning? To make your morning run a little smoother from now on, we’ve listed some useful tips for an accelerated morning routine. Hello relaxed morning!

Think about your outfit before you go to sleep
Nothing is more annoying than ouftit-stress. Especially in the morning, when you really shouldn’t be late for the train, college or work. If you get up before the sun rises, you don’t have time at all to see if the colours of your outfit match. Isn’t color blocking just your thing and want to get rid of morning stress? Think about your outfit the night before, this will save you a lot of time.

Provide an emergency set
Didn’t the previous step go quite right, or are you last-minute not so sure about that skirt? Make sure you have an emergency outfit ready that fits every occasion. This way you can confidently take off those to go jeans with your favourite top. At least you can be sure they look good on you.

Eat on the go
Do you hardly have time in the morning to let your coffee cool down to a fully drinkable temperature, let alone to whip up extensive oatmeal, mosquito cakes and smoothiebowls? Then prepare your breakfast the evening before and put it in the fridge. That way you don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen in the morning and you can take your breakfast to go with you. Oh yeah, and make sure you always have a spoon in your bag. Working a bowl of yogurt without cutlery is not a success…

To go hair
Are you dreaming of Pinterest hair, but you just can’t get any further than a fast bun due to lack of time? Wash your hair the night before, so you won’t spend hours in the morning with shampoo, conditioner and hair masks. Practice a few to go hairstyles, which you can easily apply in the morning. Last minute fix-up: when you really don’t have time, you can always choose to put on a hat or wear a hairband. This way you’ll look good without anyone noticing your bath hairday.

Pack your bag
When you’ve already put all your (enormously useless) stuff in your bag, you don’t have to think about what to bring in the morning. Standard in your bag? Charger, keys, wallet, ears, lip balm, (mini)deo, pen and notebook. And don’t forget a mini stock Skin for Skin! (in case you forgot because of the stress in the morning).

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