Why fish collagen? The difference between the types of fish collagen.

Fish collagen is the purest form of collagen, as the structure of fish collagen best resembles that of humans. There are different types of collagen available from different sources. But did you know that there is not only a difference in the various sources from which collagen can be obtained? Within fish collagen, there are also different types of collagen: hydrolysed fish collagen and native fish collagen. In this article, we are happy to explain why native fish collagen is the best collagen!

What is collagen

Collagen is a very important glue protein in your body. As part of our connective tissue, it provides elasticity and strength throughout the body. Our joints, bones, muscles, cartilage, hair, nails, connective tissue and skin are made of collagen. The natural collagen production decreases more and more from the age of 25. Want to know more about collagen? Read our page ‘what is collagen’ or download our free E-book at the bottom of this page.

Bovine collagen versus fish collagen

Collagen can be obtained from various sources: fish, animals or plants. Plant collagen differs the most from human collagen and is therefore less used. The structure of fish collagen most closely resembles that of human collagen. Bovine collagen has almost the same properties.

It is important that collagen is obtained from a natural source without additives. Fish collagen from wild-caught fish is the purest form of collagen, with no added antibiotics, growth hormones or food intended for fish farming or animal breeding.

Fish collagen

Hydrolysed fish collagen and native fish collagen

Collagen not only has different sources, but also different extraction methods. The extraction method is the way collagen is extracted from the skin of the fish. This affects the structure of the collagen and thus its effectiveness. 

Hydrolysed fish collagen 

Hydrolysed collagen uses heat, chemicals or acids to extract the collagen from the skin of the fish. This breaks down the structure of the collagen and you need a larger amount to experience results (often several grams). 

Native collagen

Native collagen is extracted from the skin of fish without heat, chemicals or acids, leaving the collagen structure intact. As a result, you need less collagen to experience results (from 40 mg). Obtaining native collagen is a patented process. Skin for Skin’s fish collagen supplement is therefore the only native collagen supplement on the market.

collagen supplement

What collagen is the best choice for me?

Collagen is nowadays used in various products: collagen supplements, collagen powders, collagen drinks, collagen creams, collagen masks, etc. We now know what types of collagen there are, but which type of collagen is best to choose? 

Because after the age of 25 the natural production of collagen decreases, triggering the ageing process, we recommend stimulating the collagen production from within. We recommend choosing collagen in its purest form, without additives. As described above, there are several types of fish collagen: hydrolysed collagen or native collagen. Both types have an effective effect, but the main issue is ease of use: a few grams of powder every day, or 1 small capsule every day. Would you like to know more about which collagen to choose? Then read ‘collagen powders or supplements’.

Skin for Skin’s collagen supplement is 100% natural, made of native fish collagen in its purest form, extracted from wild-caught North Sea fish and therefore completely sustainable and made in Holland!

Origin of Skin for Skin’s native fish collagen 

The collagen in skin for skin is extracted without heat, chemicals or acids from the skin of wild-caught North Sea fish. Our parent company Varia Vis processes the wild-caught North Sea fish for the food industry. We use the skins of the fish and are therefore fully circular and sustainable. Our collagen thus comes directly from nature and is processed using a sustainable and natural process. Collagen from wild-caught fish is the purest form of collagen, as it contains no added antibiotics, growth hormones or food intended for fish farming. Read more about our unique story here.

natural fish collagen
Made in Holland viscollagen from wild caught North Sea fish.

Effects of native fish collagen

We extract collagen from the residual flow of fish skin in a 100% natural way. We have developed a patented process for this. After this extraction process, we capsulate the native fish collagen powder for optimum convenience. The enzymes in the stomach cut up proteins for further transport and absorption. Because we offer intact collagen, the RDA can therefore be reached with just 1 capsule/pill per day! We can’t make it any easier!

Results of native fish collagen

In the skin, collagen is responsible for firmness and elasticity. The skin scan below shows that after using Skin for Skin collagen, only after five days, the collagen level in the skin has visibly increased. The green dots represent our connective tissue/collagen fibres. The white dots show our collagen, blue hyaluronic acid and red and yellow are cell activity renewal. The result? Firmer, fuller, hydrated and radiant skin! This is just one of the many benefits that collagen can provide. 

scan results collagen
The effect of native collagen inside the skin

Buy fish collagen 

Curious about what collagen can do for you? Then order our fish collagen supplement in our webshop! Work on a healthy, radiant and firm skin from within with just 1 capsule a day. We can’t make it any easier!

More information about fish collagen

Download our free E-book about collagen below! Inside you will also find a special discount code to get 10% discount on your next order! 

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