Why collagen is the anti-wrinkle solution

Wrinkles, what now? Have you passed 25? Then maybe the first vague lines and wrinkles start to appear. Of course there is nothing wrong with wrinkles, but secretly it would be nice if we could slow down this process a bit. Fortunately, there is a solution these days: collagen! In this blog you can read why collagen can reduce wrinkles. For that we need to look a little deeper into the skin, a little lesson in biology 😉

The effect of collagen on our skin
The skin consists of several layers. First you have the epidermis, this skin forms a natural barrier against chemicals, bacteria, fungi, viruses and UV radiation from the sun. The next layer is the dermis, this layer provides the firmness and elasticity of the skin. In this layer is the connective tissue. Our connective tissue consists for 70% of collagen and those collagen fibers give the skin firmness.

Origination of wrinkles
When we are young enough collagen is made to keep the skin firm and supple. From the age of 25 we produce less and less collagen and unfortunately this is the cause of the development of wrinkles. Because there is less collagen in the connective tissue, the skin becomes saggier and collapses as it were. This results in wrinkles that increase as we get older.

In addition, there are various factors that accelerate this process; stress, smoking and UV radiation from the sun.

Collagen helps prevent wrinkles
Sufficient collagen can help prevent wrinkles. For the formation of collagen, it is important to eat a healthy and varied diet. Vitamin C is responsible for the strength of collagen fibres and their production. Without vitamin C, the formation of new collagen will be difficult.

100% natural Fish collagen
Plants and animals also have collagen. Fish collagen is the most similar to our human collagen. Maybe you already know our story and you know that we have found a unique method to extract the collagen from the skin of the fish without cutting the structure. As a result, the structure of our fish collagen is still intact and you need much less. Instead of 12 grams of powder, our capsule consists of 200 mg of native fish collagen. We only add 20 mg of vitamin C to our capsules. In this way the native fish collagen is absorbed and processed even better.

Wrinkles, in the long run we may not be able to escape them, but by supporting collagen formation you may be able to reduce them.

Did you know that collagen not only has an effect on a radiant and tight skin? Collagen also helps to make our hair stronger and fuller and takes care of our nails from the inside out? In addition, it has many more health benefits!

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