What you should know about hairloss!

Hair loss is a very annoying problem that can affect both men and women. Hair loss can cause the hair to thin out considerably and can lead to bald patches and recesses. How does hair loss occur and what can you do about it? We tell you all about it in this article!

The hair growth cycle

On average, a person has 100,000 to 150,000 hair follicles. On average, a hair remains in the scalp for three to five years, after which it falls out. The hair follicle then has a small resting phase of three months on average. Then a new hair develops in the hair follicle and the cycle repeats. Each hair follicle can produce up to 20 hairs. 

When does one speak of hair loss? 

Everyone loses about 50 to 100 hairs a day; this is quite normal. Since your new hairs grow rapidly again, you see no difference in your hair. Sometimes this balance is temporarily disturbed, and then we speak of hair loss. When you have hair loss, you lose considerably more hair per day than normal. Hair loss can even lead to bald patches. 

Hair loss: how does it happen?

What are the causes of hair loss?

Hair loss can have different causes. When you are suffering from hair loss, it is important to find out which cause applies to you. Possible causes of hair loss are: 

  1. Vitamin deficiency: Vitamins B and C, among others, play a major role in hair loss. It is very important to take in enough vitamins.
  2. Hair loss due to stress: Stress causes excessive production of lactic acid, which in turn causes hair loss.
  3. Collagen deficiency: The blood vessels that provide the hair with oxygen and nutrition consist largely of collagen. After the age of 25, the collagen in our bodies continues to decrease.
  4. Smoking: the oxygen level in your blood decreases when you smoke, which can make your hair fall out.
  5. Pregnancy: changing hormones, stress and tension can cause hair loss during pregnancy.
  6. Hereditary predisposition/Alopecia androgenetica: a natural body process influenced by hormones and hereditary factors. This form of hair loss is also called androgenetic alopecia.
  7. Medicinal use: Certain medicines can cause hair loss.
  8. Ageing: As you get older, your hair does not grow as long and becomes weaker and thinner. This is also due to the collagen decline
  9. Hormonal fluctuations: When you are pregnant or going through the menopause, you may experience hair loss. Hormonal fluctuations affect the hair growth cycle.
  10. Hairstyles or headgear: A tight bun or braid, hair extensions and headgear can put too much stress on your hair.
  11. Chemotherapy: Chemotherapy can cause you to lose a lot of hair in a short period of time.
  12. Diseases, infections or disorders: These include fungal infections, thyroid disorders or iron deficiency.
  13. Hair disease: Do you suddenly suffer from bald patches? If so, this may be a sign of the hair disease alopecia areata. In that case, please consult your doctor.

Male and female hair loss

Women often get very thin hair when they lose their hair, men often become (partly) bald. This is because in women, the hair falls out more scattered over the entire scalp. In men, the hairline is often receding or there are clear recesses. 

how does hair loss occur
The structure of a hair.

What can you do about hair loss?

Unfortunately, hair loss cannot be solved overnight. When you want to prevent hair loss, it is important to know how our hair is built up. We often don’t realise it, but the hair is rooted in the skin with its follicle. Around the hair follicle we find blood vessels. The hair follicles receive nutrition and oxygen through the blood vessels. These blood vessels consist largely of collagen. From the bloodstream the hair follicles receive nutrients and oxygen. The more nutrition the hair receives, the better it can grow and the stronger it becomes.

It is therefore important to take good care of the blood vessels that supply the hair with nutrition and oxygen, especially in the case of hair loss. These blood vessels consist largely of collagen. As we age, the collagen decreases and the quality of these blood vessels declines. The hair thus gets too little oxygen and vitamins, which can cause it to fall out. 

To combat hair loss it is important to look at the cause of your hair loss. Give your hair and scalp the right nutrition and vitamins by means of a good hair supplement. Take care of your hair and scalp with a good shampoo and conditioner. In addition, you can use a hair massage brush to massage the scalp and stimulate hair growth.

Prevent hair loss with the hair massage brush.

Which hair vitamins work for hair?

There are several hair vitamins that have a positive effect on hair growth and hair health. The best hair vitamins are: 

  • Vitamin C: vitamin C contributes to the formation of collagen, which is important for a good condition of the blood vessels, the normal functioning of blood vessels, the maintenance of a strong vessel wall and supple veins. Since the blood vessels and veins around the hair follicle feed the hair, vitamin C with collagen is a good basis for beautiful hair. 
  • Biotin: Biotin keeps the hair strong and contributes to normal hair growth. In addition, biotin is good for the shine of the hair. 
  • Selenium: Selenium is important for the condition of hair, normal hair growth and the maintenance of shiny hair. Selenium also keeps the hair strong. 
  • Zinc: zinc is also important for normal hair growth, the condition of the hair, strong hair and the shine of the hair. 
  • Copper: Copper contributes to normal pigmentation (colour) of the hair.
A healthy scalp

Besides these hair vitamins that nourish the hair, it is also important to care for the scalp. A healthy scalp is very important for a healthy head of hair. The following nutrients are important for the care of the skin from the inside:

  • Vitamin C: Vitamin C supports the skin, helps care for the skin from within and is important for maintaining healthy skin. 
  • Vitamin A: Vitamin A nourishes the skin from within, supports its repair capacity and helps maintain healthy skin.
  • Biotin: Biotin is important for the skin and supports normal skin. Biotin helps to take care of the skin from the inside out and to keep the skin healthy. 
  • Zinc: zinc is also important for internal skin care. Zinc nourishes the skin from the inside out and stimulates the maintenance of normal skin. 
  • Vitamin B2: Vitamin B2 also nourishes the skin from within, supports its repair capacity and helps maintain healthy skin.

Which hair supplement should I use?

A hair supplement is a good and easy way to boost hair from within. A hair supplement provides the hair with the right vitamins to grow and can thus counteract hair loss. It is important to choose a hair supplement with the right hair vitamins and minerals. 

Skin for Skin’s hair supplement contains the following hair vitamins and minerals: zinc, selenium, copper, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, biotin, folic acid, bamboo silica. These vitamins and minerals work from the inside out to maintain a healthy scalp and hair. In addition, the hair supplement contains a unique addition: 100% natural fish collagen. The combination of collagen and the hair vitamins tackles hair loss and other hair problems at the root. The quality of the blood vessels that feed and oxygenate the hair follicles is strengthened by this addition. The hair gets an extra boost of vitamins, minerals and oxygen and can thus grow better.

The hair supplement from skin for skin works for:

  • A healthy scalp
  • Strong and healthy hair
  • Hairloss
  • Brittle, dull and frizzy hair
  • Shiny hair
  • Strong and long nails
  • Split ends (they really dissapear!)
  • faster hairgrowth
Prevent hairloss with this powerful duo!

Give your hair routine an upgrade!

In addition to a good hair supplement and the right shampoo and conditioner, you can also combat hair loss with our latest tool: the hair massage brush. Massaging the scalp with our hair massage brush stimulates hair growth, removes dead skin cells, cleanses the hair and scalp and helps reduce stress. Add the Skin for Skin brush to your order to take your new hair routine to the next level!

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