What to do against pimples and acne?

Acne, pimples, blackheads … Super annoying but there is certainly something to do against pimples and acne! 90% of people suffer from acne. Pimples, pimples and acne can ruin your life, whether you are an adolescent or a adult woman. In this blog we like to explain what acne is, how acne occurs and what you can do against pimples and acne. We also provido you some tips against acne and pimples and a complete anti-acne routine! 

What is acne?

Acne is the most common skin problem and larger than all other skin conditions put together. Acne is very annoying, disfiguring and even painful for everyone, whether you are young or older. Actually, Acne is a collective term for many different types of impurities. It looks different for everyone. One has only blackheads, the other small white bumps or pimples, and the real unlucky ones have to contend with pustules, papules and sometimes even abscesses. 

What is Acne? and how does acne arise?

How does acne arise?

Acne has different causes and factors. Acne and pimples can be arisen through:

  • Abnormal cornification of the supreme skin cells, clogging your pores. 
  • Increased sebum production because the sebaceous glands are triggered. 
  • Inflammation of the sebaceous gland by the presence of a bacterium. 

In addition, acne can be triggered by various factors: 

  • A food allergy
  • A resistent bacteria
  • intestine issues, such as a leaking intestine
  • A hormonal disbalance
  • A shortage of vitamins
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Stress 
  • Genetic predisposition
  • A bad food pattern/lifestyle
  • wrong skincare products

Although the cause and factors of acne may vary, the process of developing a pimple is often the same. Acne and pimples develop when the sebaceous gland starts producing excessive sebum. This sebum cannot escape from the skin because of the accumulated (dead) skin cells. If the sebum at the hair follicle also starts to inflame, you have the dolls dancing and a pimple will develop

Forms of acne

So you have different forms of acne: -Mild acne: This form of acne consists of blackheads or comedones. This form of acne is often caused by an increased sebum production and/or sebaceous glands blocked by dead skin scales. -Moderate acne: This form of acne consists of blackheads, comedones and in some places pimples. In addition to increased sebum production, there is also an abnormal interrogation of the upper skin layers. These acne and pimples are caused by the inability of the excess sebum to escape. A thick layer of skin flakes closes off your pores. The sebum that cannot be removed can become inflamed, causing a pimple. -Severe acne: This form of acne consists of several red and yellow pimples. It involves increased sebum production, abnormal interrogation of the upper skin cells, and the bacterium P-acnes. Pimples become inflamed and pimples, papules and in some cases even abscesses appear.

Knowing exactly what is going on in your skin is incredibly important because every case needs its own approach. Treating a mild form of acne with products for severe acne can only make the situation worse! 

What do the acne zones on the faces tell?

The place on your face of the pimple or inflammation is also very important. See our picture below, the location can say a lot about the cause of a pimple. The skin is a mirror of our internal health. So the skin shows us what we lack internally. For example, pimples on our forehead are often linked to our digestive system and thus our diet. Do you often have pimples in this area? Then read our tips about an acne proof diet below. Too little or bad sleep and stress can also contribute to digestive problems.

Healthy skin starts from within!

Skin for Skin knows better than anyone the importance of health from within, and the benefits of it. The products of Skin for Skin can be used to support you in your fight against pimples, pustules or acne. 

Pill against acne

We have our unique Skin for Skin hair supplement. We can already hear you thinking; ‘a hair supplement against acne? As you can see in the first picture, a pimple always develops in a hair follicle. In severe cases, even the hair follicle can become inflamed. The sebaceous gland is always connected to the hair shaft. Our hair supplement contains zinc. Zinc has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Zinc also helps to repair the skin, which is very important for acne and pimples to prevent scars. Our hair supplement also contains Vitamin A, a vitamin with an anti-inflammatory effect. Vitamin A helps to renew the skin, has a sebum-regulating effect and can prevent clogging of the pores.

In addition, our hair supplement, like our collagen supplement, contains Vitamin C and collagen. Vitamin C is important for the formation of collagen that can strengthen, firm and support the condition of the skin from the inside out! The Vitamin B and biotin in our supplement help to keep the skin healthy, nourish the skin and support the skin’s ability to recover! Besides the effect on the hair, the supplement also has very nice results on the skin, 2 birds with one stone.

Take care of the skin from within!

In addition to our supplements, we have also developed two healthy teablends. Our herbal teablend contains various herbs such as turmeric, ginger, liquorice and sage; herbs with an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. Our berry teablend contains many strong antioxidants; white and green tea, black berries and red berries. Antioxidants are indispensable in the fight against free radicals in your skin. So replace your soda, dairy and caffeine for one of our healthy teas. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Mask against acne and pimples!

Skin for Skin also has a wonderful sheet mask, which works incredibly well for acne skin. Our ‘get me glowing’ sheet mask is, among other things, very purifying due to the willow bark extract, restorative due to the amino acid arginine, hydrating due to hyaluronic acid, exfoliating due to phytic acid, and calming due to silver oxide. These five properties work very well against acne and pimples.

Our special ‘get your glow routine’ box contains all these products for a lovely price. The box has a value of 60 euros, but is now available for 39,95. A lovely box with natural products to support your acne skin (from within).

Anti-acne products of Skin for Skin.

Tips against pimples and acne

The question ‘what to do against pimples and acne?’ cannot be answered in the same way for everyone. First of all, we advise you to visit a skin specialist who can help you find out the cause and form of your acne. In addition, we have a number of tips that can certainly help you get your acne under control and save you a lot of money! 

Read our tips down below:

Tip 1: Food against acne and pimples

Add lots of fresh vegetables, fresh fish, fruit, nuts and gluten-free grains to your diet. Avoid all forms of dairy, fast carbohydrates, sugars, candy, chocolate, snacks and moderate your caffeine intake. Also avoid pork. These foods trigger acne.

Tip 2: Stress and lack of sleep

Stress and lack of sleep can contribute to hormonal problems and thus hormonal acne. Don’t forget to change your pillowcase very often, preferably every day. 

Tip 3: Supplements against acne and pimples

In addition to healthy food, you can also definitely take supplements that: Vit. A, B, C, D, zinc, probiotics, omega 3 fatty acids and turmeric. Many studies have shown that these substances can reduce acne. 

Tip 4: Exfoliate and peeling

Exfoliating and peeling are important to keep your skin layer thin, so that the sebum can come out of the skin and not accumulate. Exfoliating substances you can use at home are salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. For mild acne, salicylic acid may be sufficient. Benzoyl peroxide can be used for moderate and severe acne. Benzoyl peroxide kills the P-acnes bacteria. It is available at the pharmacy. Peelings with a high concentration of salicylic acid or glycolic acid are best done by your skin specialist. Note: protect your face every day with a good SPH, thin skin is more prone to sunburn . faster burning means wrinkles and pigmentation spots!

Tip 5: Fight bacteria

What is also incredibly important is not to touch your face! Touch the facial skin as little as possible, there are countless bacteria on your hands. Acne skin is already busy enough with the P-acnes bacteria! 

Tip 6: The right skincare

Take care of your skin gently, but well. No aggressive products, only products with proven efficacy. By the way, always look for water-based products. (to prevent increased sebum production) Aggressive products dehydrate the skin, causing it to produce more sebum. Read our tips for the right skin care routine below.

Tip 7: reimburse acne treatments

Health insurers often reimburse acne treatment in a supplementary package. Skin specialists who are affiliated with organisations such as the Anbos may have their treatments reimbursed. For example, you may pay your health insurer two tens more a month, but you will be reimbursed for the often expensive acne treatments.

Skincare routine for acne

The above tips will certainly help you to get your acne under control. We have summarized these tips against acne in a skin routine! 

Step 1: Clean your skin twice a day with a mild, water-soluble cleanser. Do this, especially in the evening in the double cleansing way: clean twice in a row. Proper cleansing is a must!

Step 2: After cleaning, use an anti-inflammatory toner, with anti-inflammatory ingredients such as: green tea, allantoin, glycyrrhiza glabra or quercitin.

Step 3: Use an exfoliant such as salicylic acid. It is very important to keep the skin thin by removing dead skin cells so that the sebum cannot accumulate. A purifying mask against acne and pimples once a week is also a good addition to your skin routine. For example, the ‘Get me glowing’ sheet mask of Skin for Skin.

Step 4: apply benzoylperoxide to inflammated pimples.

Step 5: Use a nourishing moisturizer. Ingredients such as vitamin C and vitamin B3 (niacinamide) work very well for acne skin. It is important to nourish the skin well, especially from the inside, but also from the outside!

Step 6: Nourish your skin from within. Although the above tips are about taking care of your skin from the outside, taking care of your skin from the inside is just as important! So a pill against acne should not be missing! Our hair supplement can support this!

Step 7: Visit a skin specialist once a month for a deep cleanse and peeling of your skin

For acne, knowledge is power. Hopefully we have given you a little more knowledge about what you can do against pimples and acne, the development of acne, and products and treatments against acne. 

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