What makes Skin for Skin collagen so unique?

In recent years, collagen has become indispensable in the world of cosmetics. Especially in the field of anti-aging there are numerous collagen creams, powders, drinks and supplements to be found. Often these collagen species come from cattle or fish in the form of collagen hydrolisate. But what makes the native collagen of Skin for Skin so unique?

What is collagen and what does it do?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body and has many functions. The human body produces collagen itself, but after our 25th year of life this production decreases more and more: the aging process starts!

Collagen can be seen as a kind of ‘glue’ protein (colla = glue), a building material for all parts of our body. Collagen provides structure, cohesion, elasticity and firmness of the various types of connective tissue, including cartilage, bones, tendons, joints, skin and blood vessels. It is precisely at these places that you will notice the decrease in collagen! Wrinkles are one of the consequences of collagen reduction. The connective tissue of the skin loses collagen and thus strength and elasticity, the skin collapses and wrinkles appear.

Kinds of collagen

You can supplement this natural collagen deficiency with different types of collagen, the options are endless! Cattle, fish and plants contain collagen, but the collagen of fish is most identical to that of humans. Collagen from plants does not contain all the necessary amino acids for our human body.

There are two main differences within fish collagen: collagen hydrolisate and NATIVE collagen. In hydrolysed collagen, heat, chemicals or acids have been used to extract collagen from fish skin. This causes the structure of the collagen to break down and you need a larger quantity to experience results (often a few grams).

Native collagen is extracted from the skin of the fish without heat, chemicals or acids so that the structure of the collagen remains intact. As a result, you need less collagen to experience results (from 40 mg).

Collagen capsules

What makes Skin for Skin unique?

Skin for Skin is the only supplier of native fish collagen. We have a patent on our unique extraction method. Our collagen is extremely powerful, with only 1 small capsule a day you get enough collagen. Besides the unique, powerful dose and our unique extraction method, there are a few other characteristics that make our collagen unique:

  • Our collagen is 100% natural!

  • Skin for Skin collagen is the most durable collagen; our collagen comes from WILD caught North Sea fish. This fish is processed for the food industry by our parent company Varia fish. We use the skin, a residual stream, for our collagen. No waste, completely circular! Read more about our story here.

  • The collagen of Skin for Skin is completely “Made in Holland”.

  • The absorption of our collagen in the body: Our body breaks down the collagen into amino acids, which in turn are building blocks for various processes in our body. Because our collagen is still intact (native collagen) the body can absorb our collagen well.

  • Easy to use: no large shovels of powders or drinks, just 1 small capsule a day!

Benefits of Skin for Skin collagen

We now know what collagen is, what collagen does, what types of collagen there are and what makes Skin for Skin’s native collagen so unique. It is also a scientific fact that our body’s own collagen decreases after the age of 25 and that this causes the ageing process to start.

Now there are several experts who believe they can get enough collagen with a varied and healthy diet. This is possible; collagen is mainly found in the skins and bones of animals. In the past, we used to cook broth from this, which indeed gave us quite a lot of collagen. Nowadays, we no longer make broth from bones and fish heads and we no longer eat the skin of animals. With the current diet we only eat 5% of the collagen we need. An easy way to get enough collagen every day? Then the Skin for Skin collagen supplement can be a great addition to a varied diet!

How do we know that Skin for Skin supplements really work? Through the  results! The results of our collagen supplement speak for themselves. Below are the scan results of a test person before using Skin for Skin and after using Skin for Skin.

The green dots represent our connective tissue/collagen fibres. The white dots show us collagen, blue hyaluronic acid and red and yellow is cell activity renewal. After using Skin for Skin collagen, the amount of collagen in the skin has increased considerably, as has cell activity and an increase in hyaluronic acid!

Beautiful aging

The clock of skin aging is unstoppable, fortunately, because we all want to age in a healthy way and enjoy life and the people around us. That is also not what Skin for Skin stands for. We prefer to replace anti-aging with beautiful aging! Aging in a beautiful, healthy way, that is possible with the collagen supplement of Skin for Skin!

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