Welcome 2021!

How quickly does the time flutter….. so you find yourself in the December month, looking forward to the turn of the year and the new year. What will this year bring us? And then you blink your eyes and it’s almost the first working week of the new year, normal days just like the previous months…… nothing special really. Is there? 

When I personally take stock of 2020, I have had a good year. As long as my family, relatives and friends are doing well in the broadest sense of the word, I can buy groceries to put food on the table and business keeps running despite various challenges, you can speak of a happy year, right? Of course, everyone has their own cross to bear and mine has been no less. Worries about my father’s health, the death of my grandmother, an uncle who died suddenly…. Yes, these are less beautiful things. Nevertheless, I remain positive and look forward to this year with enthusiasm. 

Our plans for 2021!

Because there is so much on the agenda! These first working days of 2021 have been filled with brainstorming and more brainstorming. After all, it takes a lot to launch a fantastic new product for the consumer. (First of all, we are consumers ourselves. We don’t take everything at face value and we also believe: what you promise, you must do! Or in this case: what a product promises to do, it must actually do!) If everything goes according to plan, we will be able to show this product to you from April and I expect that you will be just as happy with it as we are here at the office! 

We also have some super cool plans to support you in firming up your skin and working on a ‘glowing’ skin, but that’s yet to be kept a secret? You. Will. Love. It!!!!! I hope I can convey some of our enthusiasm because really, it’s going to be so cool! What we would love to hear from you guys, by the way: What would you like to see from Skin for Skin? Which products would make you really happy? And as a customer: what do you think of our current products? A review is always very important to us, you can place it under each product in our shop. 

For now I will leave my pen where it is, I will help my youngest with the homework, great☹

X Mardien

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