What to do about frizzy hair?

Although frizzy hair is perfectly normal, you probably prefer shiny hair. Or maybe your dry, frizzy hair is caused by hair damage and you would like to have healthier hair. Here’s what you can do about frizzy hair:

  • First, it is important to get cut off split ends. Split ends can tear further, causing more hair damage and frizz.
  •  After washing your hair, rinse it with cold water. This will close your hair cuticles. After washing your hair, use a moisturising conditioner and hair mask to restore the moisture balance in your hair.
  • In addition, it is important to properly nourish the hair with nutrients, also from within: With the Skin for Skin hair supplement, you give your hair and scalp the nutrients they need to strengthen and nourish their hair! The supplement strengthens the hair, nourishes the hair and ensures shiny hair. Users of our hair supplement experience reduction of frizzy hair.

What to do about frizzy hair? Start from within with our hair supplement! .

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