What can I do about dry hair?

Dry hair is often caused by the lack of sebum on your scalp and the condition of your hair cuticles.

The sebum production

With dry hair, sebum production is often low. This can be caused, for example, by hormone fluctuations in your body due to pregnancy, menopause or medication. You can also have an influence on the production of too little sebum. For example, washing your hair (too) often or swimming in the pool or sea regularly. Deficiencies in certain vitamins, such as vitamin A, can also lead to reduced sebum production. Skin for Skin has added these vitamins to the hair supplement.

Condition of your hair cuticles

When the cuticles do not close properly, your hair can dry out more quickly because moisture can escape from your hair more easily. Damage to the hair cuticle can be the cause of misaligned cuticles. This can be due to dyeing your hair, excessive heat exposure from styling tools or excessive use of your brush or comb.

The hair supplement by Skin for Skin supports and nourishes the scalp from within! What can you do about dry hair? Use Skin for Skin’s hair supplement to improve the talcum products and the condition of your hair cuticles from the inside.

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What can I do about dry hair?

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