The skin as a mirror for our health!

Our skin is also called the mirror of our health. After all, on the outside we can see what we are lacking on the inside! When I look in the mirror in the morning these days, I don’t get happy ☹ Red flaky skin, pimples… What happened!? I’ve had this before, and I actually know very well where my troubled skin comes from. Stress, crowds, unhealthy eating, bad sleep, oh and did I mention stress?

Why Stress?
Stress sounds serious but with stress I mean on his Urkers said: FLY! From hot to her, doing 10 things at once, not wanting to miss anything and trying to keep all the balls in the air. That’s what I mean by stress? Of course this ‘flying’ is largely due to the relocation of the business and offices. I was very lucky to my parents and in-laws, where I (and my family) were allowed to sit down every afternoon for a delicious plate of hot food. This was already a stress factor less haha! I am also a taxi driver, from home to soccer and visa versa with 3 kids playing soccer…. Luckily I do have a sweetheart who helps me with the housekeeping because to keep up with that, hat off to mothers who do all this themselves!

Update Skin for Skin
We are now alive & kicking from our new office, but the finishing touches are yet to be done… But we’re taking our time! We are also busy with the preparations for our reseller training. It’s important that our resellers stay up to date with new developments within Skin for Skin, but we also like to meet our resellers once in a while and exchange tips, we learn a lot from our customers! It takes a lot, a lot, to organize a training day, especially when the whole office has to be moved in between… But hey, the sentence is there anyway, we are looking forward to Monday!

In the meantime I am working on the new look for Skin for Skin. After 2 years your view on certain things is different, and how cool is it that we finally have more time and knowledge to create a new look that suits us better now! No need to say that it takes a lot of thinking, it is quite difficult and I find it hard to make final decisions. I should put blinkers on like a horse because I like so many things…. ‘Oh what a nice jar, what a nice colour, what a cool site, what a cool font…’ So much to choose from! Hello choice stress.

Restless skin for skin

Back to healthy skin
Last week we also had a course ‘orthomolecular protocols for skin, hair and nails’ in between. Very instructive, interesting, and important for the development of Skin for Skin. I was woken up in any case. How I look in the morning has to do with how I take care of myself from the inside out. Healthy nutrition (hell no), enough sleep (zzzz), avoiding stressful situations (okaay), not drinking too much alcohol (the wine made me do it), hydration (water is for showering, isn’t it?), and the right nutrients (supplement check!). But of course, almost everyone goes along with this sometimes. So what do I? Good intentions all over the place, we’re going to start the planking challenge again at the office! Maybe a little less pastry during the break…. Pffffff or maybe just embrace that pimple or spot?

PS: Order your new stock Skin for Skin here!

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