The best tips for restless skin

Has your skin – unfortunately – not yet said goodbye to the (adolescent) pimples, red spots and impurities? Then read these tips to get rid of your restless skin in no time. Bye bye pimples and impurities!

Of course no one is waiting for impure skin, but it gets even more annoying when you’ve passed the age of twenty. Those adolescent teens are further and further behind you, but the pimples and pimples haven’t left your skin yet. You scrub yourself with expensive drugs, but nothing seems to help. According to skin specialists, this can easily be explained, because these products often contain aggressive and superfluous substances that don’t fit every skin type. I’ll give you some tips that do work against restless skin, without all the side effects.

# 1 Adapt your diet
Restless skin is sometimes the result of wrong nutrition. Vegetables and fruit rich in antioxidants, zinc and selenium are very good for your skin! In addition, eat plenty of fruit with vitamin C, yoghurt, salmon, nuts and avocados. Also drink enough water and green tea to hydrate your skin and keep it supple.
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#2 Use makeup that does not clog the skin
Use make-up without paraffin/vaseline, perfume and chemicals. Maybe you thought this advice only applies to women with sensitive skin, but nothing could be further from the truth! Many make-up products clog your skin, making it impossible for your pores to breathe properly.

#3 Clean your skin twice a day
We know how much you’d like to skip this. But after a night of getting tired of crawling into your bed with makeup, you really shouldn’t do it. Clean your skin twice a day with lukewarm water and a PH-neutral soap. This keeps your skin breathing and prevents clogging of your pores.

#4 Moisturise your skin with a good cream
That you have to scrape both day and night cream out of your small budget is nonsense. The difference between the two is only the addition of a protection for UV radiation from the sun. So invest in a good cream that you apply after cleansing your skin. This will keep your skin hydrated and supple.

#5 Don’t touch your skin
This may sound crazy, but stay as far away from your skin as possible. Scratching, picking and squeezing out pimples and impurities can cause inflammation and scarring.
That’s why you should use a (clean!) brush when applying your make-up. Using your (unwashed) hands for make-up can cause blockages and infections, as well as a dirty brush. Take good care of your brushes and clean them regularly.

#6 Get enough sleep
Enough sleep is a must for healthy and radiant skin! Make sure you sleep at least 8 hours a night for a rested and healthy body.

#6 Protect your skin well against the sun
Because of the UV radiation from the sun and the sunbed, you have more chance of pigmentation spots. That’s why it is a must to protect your skin well, by means of a (day) cream with a good PH-factor.

#7 Skin for Skin
Users of Skin for Skin experience firmer skin and tighter skin that feels much less dry! In addition, they experience that their skin can be calmer, smoother and wrinkles reduced. Try it yourself to see what it can do for your skin.

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