Skin for Skin collagen on doctor’s prescription!

Doctor Noor van den Boom
Drs. Noor van den Boom

As a doctor and also a great advocate of combining a “Healthy Lifestyle” with the medical world in which I find myself, I started using the collagen tablets and its Skin for Skin for a period of 30 days (through a collaboration with Skin for Skin).

Collagen tablets

During the current period with the COVID-19 virus, which is threatening global health, it is particularly important to take good care of ourselves. It is a fact that the skin is the largest organ of our body. On average, the skin is 1.7 square metres, and therefore accounts for 16% of our total body weight. It is therefore not only our “calling card”, we can actually read our inner health from it. In addition, the skin is the most important protective barrier against pathogens such as viruses and bacteria. The most important functions of the skin include..:

  • Offer protection against virusses and bacteria

  • sense of touch/pressure

  • temperature regulation

  • pigmentation of the skin to protect against UV radiation amongst other things

  • production of Vitamin D

  • ability to heal wounds and self-heal

Taking good care of your skin is therefore essential. Your skin consists largely of collagen. Collagen is responsible for the firmness and elasticity of the skin. From the age of 25, the process of collagen breakdown begins, making the first skin aging visible. This process can be counteracted by taking (high-quality) collagen tablets.

100% natural collagen tablets of Skin for Skin
Skin for Skin collagen tablets

some important effects of these collagen tablets are:

  • an improved hydration of the skin which makes it appear tighter and fuller
  • Stronger hair and nails
  • Firmer looking skin, which doesn’t only look but has become firmer
  • Less loss of hair

As has been said, it is very important to take high-quality collagen tablets. There are various types of collagen. The type of collagen contained in the collagen tablets of Skin for Skin consists of fish collagen. This type of collagen is, in comparison with all other types of collagen, the most similar to human collagen. In addition, the collagen tablets of Skin for Skin contain a high dose of vitamin C. Vitamin C is essential for the production of collagen, so without this vitamin the intake of collagen has a lot less effect.

Skin for Skin offers unique collagen, namely native collagen (instead of collagen hydrolysate). Because the type of collagen is obtained and incorporated into the tablets in an efficient and sustainable way, an intake of just one tablet a day is sufficient to keep the skin in optimal condition. Would you like to read more about this 100% natural and sustainable extraction process? Then click here! To see and feel the results of these tablets, I would advise to use it daily for a minimum period of 2 months. After this period you can really see the first effects!

Hair tablets

In addition to vitamin C and collagen, which I mentioned above, there are a number of additional vitamins that are essential for a good condition of the hair, namely: biotin, selenium and zinc.

these vitamins are essential for:

  • optimal hair growth
  • firm hair
  • prevention of hair loss
  • maintainance of the normal structure of the hair
  • Shiny hair

Both vitamin C and collagen as well as the vitamin zinc, biotin and selenium are included in these hair tablets of Skin for Skin. This composition is extremely unique and therefore only one tablet a day ensures an optimal effect. I emphasise this dosage because most of the vitamins used for hair improvement need to be taken several times a day due to an inefficient composition of these tablets. So this is different from the Skin for Skin tablets !

Collagen tablets and hair tablets with Skin for Skin collagen.
Hair tablets and collgen tablets of Skin for Skin


As a medical professional, I was able to observe the effects of these supplements with my own eyes for 30 days. I am extremely surprised by the results I am already seeing! As mentioned before, it is important for an optimal result to use the supplements daily for at least a continuous period of 2 months. In addition, I am very pleased with the scientific experience of my colleagues at Skin for Skin. Not only do they take care of a bit of relaxation and wellness feeling when sending in their products, but they also provide a scientific foundation when putting together their products; an absolutely unique concept!

In short, do you want to work on protecting and improving your skin, hair and nail condition in an efficient and scientific way? Then I would absolutely recommend Skin for Skin as a care professional. 

  • Click here to go directly to the collagen supplement!

  • Click here to go directly to the hair supplement!

  • Or click here to go to the duo pack!

With warm healthy greetings,

Drs. van den Boom

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