Skin for Skin collagen in combination with skin treatments

In our new section ‘beauticians’ experiences with Skin for Skin collagen’ we visit our points of sale. Our sales manager Geeske is on the road to existing and new beauty salons on a weekly basis. At this moment more than 120 salons sell Skin for Skin and we are very proud of that, because Skin for Skin collagen in combination with skin-improving treatments has very nice results. Geeske will occasionally take you into the world of our beauticians and their experiences with our collagen in the salon.

For this blog we visit Ivanka from beauty salon Beauty by Ivanka.

“Why did you start Skin for Skin?

After you visited us, I immediately became enthusiastic about all the benefits of Skin for Skin. It helps with hair growth, nourishes the skin from within, stronger nails and more energy. That really appealed to me, because for some time I was looking for a product that could support the beauty from within.

You already indicated that beauty from within is very important to you, can you explain this?

You just can’t achieve anything if you don’t tackle anything from the inside anyway. I believe that beauty really has to come from within. It really has to come from both sides, so both your treatments and your products. And you can see that very nicely in the salon.

What are your specialties in your salon? What makes your salon unique?

Because of the various treatments and products. We offer a lot; pedicures, nails, facials and we have a nice little shop. Personally I really think that the skin improving treatments and the combination with Skin for Skin makes us unique. This way we can also offer the customer everything for an optimal result!

What are the experiences with using Skin for Skin? And what are your personal experiences?

Customers who faithfully use Skin for Skin every day, really notice a difference. We even have a male customer haha, who uses it for the condition of his feet at the pedicure. My mother does the pedicure treatments here and he buys it every time he comes for a treatment! I notice for example that I really have less impurities! And maybe strange but what I also noticed is that if I forget it sometimes for 3/4 days, I really get a bloated feeling in my belly. Furthermore; the clients who use it are just really excited about it. Less wrinkles, more firmness. We really see that with the treatments.

Why do you think it is so important for clients to use Skin for Skin?

Because I think it’s a shame if people can achieve more with their skin but don’t get the best results in the end. It’s actually that one extra step you need for the very best result. Everything is also connected. So and your products and your treatments and your collagen for beauty from the inside out! Only then can you really say that you can offer everything to your client and go for an optimal result together.

How do you tell your clients about Skin for Skin?

First I look who is in the chair, a new client or an existing client. Then I look at the skin and often do a skin analysis. With this I can also look at what this skin needs and by asking questions I can find out what the needs of the client are. I then tell that we also offer collagen, for just that little bit extra besides this treatment and the products. I actually like to go and see the best results together with the client. And I want the customer to leave here with a good feeling and good advice, because I believe that’s the most important thing!

Would you like to experience for yourself what our collagen can do for you? Then take a look in our shop! Do you have your own salon and would you like to get in touch with Geeske? Then click here!

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