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New, the Skin for Skin massage brush: Give your scalp and hair some extra love with our Skin for skin massage brush. Massaging the scalp with our hair massage brush stimulates hair growth, removes dead skin cells, cleanses the hair and scalp and helps reduce stress. Add the Skin for Skin brush to your order to take your new hair routine to the next level!






Give your scalp and hair some extra love with our Skin for Skin massage brush. Why should you really add this brush to your beauty routine?

Stimulating hair growth

Massaging your scalp helps the blood to flow properly and improves the supply of oxygen, which in turn stimulates your hair growth. The massage ensures that nutrients from the blood are better supplied and waste products are removed. So it really does make for a healthy scalp. A healthy scalp is extremely important for healthy hair!

Removing dead skin cells

You will also find dead skin cells on your scalp. Chances are you take care of your face with the right products, but what about your scalp? Use the Skin for Skin massage brush to loosen the dead skin cells and wash your hair afterwards. A clean and fresh feeling guaranteed!

Cleaning the hair and scalp

The brush helps to wash and deep clean the scalp and hair, the shampoo can penetrate deep to remove dirt. (Can also be used for dandruff). Furthermore, the brush distributes the natural oils on your scalp and eliminates dryness, which can prevent flaking and itching.

Reducing stress

Do you often experience stress that can literally go to your head? Our head is the centre of the nervous system. The brush can certainly help to reduce stress. As you have a lot of nerves on your scalp, a head massage with the brush can help you relax. Also with headache complaints, massaging with the brush can have a positive effect!


How to

use this Brush

The Skin for Skin brush can be used on both wet and dry hair. Made of silicone, so maintenance-free. The brush has a round shape that is comfortable to hold.

  1. Apply your favourite shampoo to wet hair and massage it in with the massage brush. Make small circular movements, your scalp will love it!
  2. Wash your hair thoroughly.
  3. We suggest to repeat this step with a conditioner or a lovely hair mask.
  4. When using on dry hair: first comb the hair with a regular brush and then massage the scalp with Skin for Skin’s massage brush in circular movements.
  5. Don’t be too rough with the brush, your hairs are fragile so: be gentle

The images below show the pressure points on your head: The numbers 1,2 and 3 are the relaxation points. The number 4,5,6 and 7 the revitalisation points and the numbers 8,9,10 and 11 the fatigue reducing points. Certainly give these points some attention with the Skin for Skin brush!



for relexation, revitalizing hair and reducing fatigue



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