Prepare your skin for autumn!

The leaves fall from the trees, the temperature cools down and the days get shorter: it’s autumn again! This season brings a lot of warmth and conviviality, the warm jumpers come out of the closet again and the stove comes on. These changes in the weather and the heating at home unfortunately have a less pleasant effect on your skin. What these effects are and how you can prevent them or take care of them in the best possible way, we would like to explain them to you in this blog!

Dry skin in autumn?

To begin with, the most important change: skin hydration. At first you might think that the cold weather has the greatest effect on the skin, but this is not entirely true. The place where your skin dries out the most in autumn is in your own home. Because of the cold outside, we turn the heating up, resulting in dry, warm air. We also spend a lot more time at home in autumn to avoid the cold outside, this means that we spend a long time in a warm dry air without fresh, humid outside air. This lower humidity means that the skin loses its moisture to the environment and therefore feels drier and can even cause chapped patches, flakes and itching.

Give your Skin a hydratation boost

So it is important to invest in the hydration of your skin. This can be done by means of moisturising creams that you use daily, or by means of a delicious booster: the moisturising “Get me glowing” sheet mask by Skin for Skin. This mask gives your skin a moisturising boost that has an immediate effect! From the results shown below, you can see that after using the Skin for Skin sheet mask once, the moisture value in the skin has increased by 10 points. Definitely an effective product to hydrate your skin in the coming autumn days!

Scanresults before and after the use of the glow mask!

Okay, so the heat and therefore dry air in the house do not do our skin any good. But how about a seductively long hot shower or extended bath session? This feels wonderful, but is a lot less pleasant for the skin, because it dries out your skin.  The pH value of water is 7, while the PH value of the skin is around 5.2. This means that the skin does not absorb moisture but is affected by the difference in pH. The skin’s protective layer is affected as it moves towards the pH value of water, making recovery difficult. A tip, therefore, is not to shower or bathe too long or too hot.

SPF in autumn?

Another influence on the skin is UV radiation. We tend not to use SPF due to the cold and the somewhat worse weather, but the harmful UV radiation is always present in the sun, even when it shines less heavily or when it is cloudy – the radiation goes right through clouds. This means that you are exposed all year round to radiation that causes skin aging, pigmentation spots, sagging skin and creates wrinkles. SPF provides a protective layer; a kind of barrier on the skin against pollution from outside air, which in turn protects against the skin aging process. SPF has often already been added to creams and other skin products, but we recommend always using a separate SPF and applying it regularly.

Autumn food
Autumn vegetables

Food in autumn for a beautiful skin

Taking care of the outside is half the job, but taking care of the inside is just as important to strengthen and maintain the health of your skin. For example, nutrition can play a role in keeping the skin healthy during autumn. In order to prevent dry skin, it is important to eat food that contains sufficient essential fatty acids on a daily basis. For example, oily fish or avocados. It is also important to eat in a balanced way so that your body can extract all the important substances from your diet. Vitamins A, B and C are very important for beautiful skin. Autumn vegetables such as parsnip, pumpkin and Brussels sprouts are packed with these vitamins and besides being healthy, they are also super tasty! A win-win situation ;).

In autumn we like to drink tea again, a warm cup of tea during the cold days. Skin for Skin has two delicious, healthy teablends that give the skin a boost! Replace your coffee and soft drinks with one of our healthy teas!

The Skin for Skin collagen supplement
Collagen supplement against a dry skin

Collagen against a dry skin

Last but not least: collagen. Collagen attracts moisture and has a high moisturising capacity. On the one hand it is therefore important to moisturise the skin from the outside, but by taking collagen daily you restore the moisture balance from the inside. Users of Skin for Skin collagen therefore also experience firmer skin that feels much less dry, perfect to get through this autumn with beautiful, healthy skin! Shop our collagen supplement here.

With these products and tips you are fully prepared to take care of your skin and get through autumn with healthy and beautiful skin. Enjoy the season and the coziness, but in the meantime, be a little bit kind to your skin.

Curious about the Skin for Skin products that prepare the skin for autumn? You can buy our collagen supplement, sheet mask and our teablends here!


Team Skin for Skin 

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