New Year, new me, new Skin for Skin?

We are already a few days into the year 2020, do you have expectations and intentions? I remember when it was 2000. (Yes indeed, I’m a little older:-) What expectations did mankind have then… I myself have very little to do with New Year’s Eve while I normally take every opportunity to celebrate haha! Just like it was January 1, 2000, 20 years ago, without the world collapsing or public life crashing, this turn of the year wasn’t very special either. At 1 minute past 12 it was just like old times, just a new day!

It is fair to say that I was on holiday around the turn of the year. A week of skiing with the whole family; parents, sister and brother with their families, nephews and nieces of the same ages, snow, sun and lots of fun, very nice to start the new year! I even had a digital detox, but this was not entirely my choice… Now I’m a bit more relaxed with my social media during the holidays, I don’t take the phone up the mountain and leave it in the house for example. But it got worse; my sister went home before us. By grabbing the last things together, my mobile phone had also ended up in her bag. (Still curious who did this ‘on purpose’ by accident. Manlief???) So I had to leave it without my mobile for 2 days. It went better than expected! (The fact that I was logged in for 2 days via her daughter’s Instagram, can’t have a name). Anyway, all’s well that ends well, Sunday evening I was able to hold my 4th child in my arms again and answer and view all (879 apps/mails/entries) missed messages.

That’s a very big contrast with 2000… Sometimes you want to go back to that time without being mobile 24/7, or do I just have that feeling? It brings a lot of convenience, ideas, easier contact with people, but also agitation and stress. FOMO. Fear of missing out. I prefer to plead for JOMO, joy of missing out! I had a lot of time this holiday for my books and BEAUTY! It has become a fixed ritual. I take my entire skincare collection with me and the whole family has to go with it. Cleansing, peeling, clay masks, sheets, serums, creams, wenkies shaping and dyeing, and all this is completed with a small facial/third tissue massage. I love it! I sometimes think I’ve missed my calling:-) How nice it is that I have been working in the beauty business for almost 3 years now! Because I love skincare so much, and am always looking for good fabrics and ingredients for both the inside and the outside, Skin for Skin really feels like my 5th child in which I can put all my ideas and passion.

New Skin for Skin
For me, this year is all about presenting you with various detailed ideas… You understand, this business is like a candy store to me:-) I am already 100 products in my head, but all good things come slowly. It takes a lot of time, research, study and testing to bring one product to market so we do everything at our own pace. By the way, I don’t have any good intentions, because if something you don’t like, you have to change it right away, right? You don’t need New Year’s Eve for that! Are you curious about our upcoming products and activities? Then follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter on our site. (No worries, we don’t spam you with one message after another, we don’t like it either). If you didn’t have any intentions yet, I would like to give you one; Take care of yourself, only then you can do something for others! All love starts with love for yourself. That Skin for Skin may contribute a little bit to that;-)

This year working on skin improvement from the inside out? Order your new stock of Skin for Skin collagen here!

Love, Mardien

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