Golden tip to make nails grow faster
Growing your nails takes quite a long time. Especially when you can’t stop biting your nails or your nails are too weak and always break off. Luckily we can tell you that we have the golden tip for you! We have developed a natural supplement that allows you to grow your nails faster, and supports you in getting beautiful, strong nails!

If you want your weak nails to become stronger, it is very important to take in more vitamins and minerals. The poor condition of your nails can be due to a vitamin deficiency. This problem can be solved thanks to our supplement. Our hair supplement contains various vitamins and minerals, and has a positive effect on the faster growth of the nails and the strengthening of the nails.

Do you also want to make your nails stronger? Good care is paramount and can make a big difference. Take care of your cuticles and file your nails if you want to strengthen your nails. Read here our tips for strong and healthy nails.

Our supplement lets your nails grow faster
We have carefully composed our hair supplement, based on our own collagen supplemented with various vitamins and minerals. Collagen is one of the most important proteins in our body. After the age of 25, the natural production of collagen decreases. Vitamin C is the building block of collagen, which is important for the blood vessels, bones, cartilage and skin. So our own native fish collagen with vitamin C is a very nice basis of our supplement.

The following vitamins have also been added to our hair supplement: Selenium, zinc, biotin, copper and vitamins A and B2. Selenium and zinc contribute to the maintenance of normal nails and are good for the nails. The reviews about our hair supplement concerning the growth of nails and the strength of the nails are laudatory!

Hair supplement from Skin for Skin

One capsule per day for longer nails
You only need to take one capsule a day with water if you want your nails to grow. You don’t get any unnecessary sugars, because there are no flavours and sweeteners added to the supplements. Our hair supplement can be taken during a meal, so super easy!

Additional benefits
Skin for Skin has many more benefits than just getting healthy, long nails. Our dietary supplements also provide better hydrated skin, shinier hair and less hair loss!

How Skin for Skin began
It all started when co-founder Mardien Radewalt-Brouwer struggled to find the perfect skin care product that worked for her skin. For years she tried all kinds of expensive products and beauty treatments, but nothing improved her skin to such an extent that she was satisfied with the result.

The solution came when she had already given up hope. Through her husband’s company she found out that there is a lot of collagen in fish. The essential ingredient for a radiant skin. A world opened up for her and she discovered the many possibilities of natural collagen. This was the beginning of Skin for Skin.

The ultimate combination of collagen and vitamin C, that is Skin for Skin. A 100% natural product, with native collagen from fish caught in nature.

Let your nails grow faster!
Do you want your nails to grow faster? Order the capsules quickly in the shop and you will experience for yourself the improvement of your nail growth.

If you want to know more about the supplements that make your nails grow faster, please feel free to contact us! You can do this by filling in the contact form, call or send a message on whatsapp.

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