How to sunbathe safely and keep your skin beautiful longer!

For many people, a beautiful tan is a sign of beauty and health. Oddly enough, getting a tan is the first defense mechanism of your skin. While sunbathing, your skin produces melanin, a pigment that gives skin, hair and eyes their colour. This substance is wrapped around the skin cells like a protective jacket and partly protects them from the sun’s UV rays. By tanning, the skin protects itself as it were. Yet Melanin does not offer optimal protection against the sun, it switches off at most 50% of the radiation. That is why it is important to protect the skin from the outside while sunbathing, even on these first sunny days!

Beauty professionals recommend using SPF in your skincare every day, even in winter. Our tip: use a good day cream containing a high SPF, so you are protected against the harmful effects of the sun at all times!

Hopefully you’ll also enjoy the first gentle rays of the sun and you’ll benefit from the tips in this blog!

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