How do you get thicker hair?
The question: ‘how to get thicker hair’ we hear very often. Do you suffer from lifeless, limp and thinning hair? Have you tried all kinds of shampoos but nothing seems to work? The cause of thinning hair can be a collagen and vitamin deficiency.

Our hair follicles mainly consist of keratin and collagen. After the age of 25 the natural production of collagen in your body decreases. Collagen is a protein that gives structure to our blood vessels and the blood vessels around our hair follicles. When the production of collagen decreases, the hair gets too little oxygen and can die.

Increasing collagen in connection with getting thicker hair
When collagen production decreases, and you don’t replenish this deficiency, you may notice signs of aging, including: the first fine lines and wrinkles, weaker nails, thinning hair and even hair loss.

To counteract these signs of aging, you can take a collagen supplement once a day against thinning hair. The collagen supplements of Skin for Skin are made of native fish collagen. Tripod fish collagen is one of the best types of collagen because it comes closest to the structure of human collagen: and can therefore be absorbed very easily and quickly by the body.

But how does this answer the question: ‘how do you get thicker hair? Taking our collagen supplements ensures that hair loss is stopped and the hair shines and looks healthy again. However, collagen supplements can’t do anything about the actual structure of the head hair: it doesn’t get thicker. However, because the supplements make the hair healthier and better hydrated and the hairs fall out less, hairs on the scalp look thicker.

Pills for thicker hair
So what’s the way to get thicker hair? Unfortunately, pills for thicker hair do not exist; vitamins, minerals and collagen cannot actually change the structure of hair. However, our collagen supplements can make hair healthier, hair follicles healthy again and hair loss much less. This makes the hair look fuller, and shines more because the hair is hydrated from the inside out.

The collagen supplements of Skin for Skin are made of native fish collagen. This is by far the most effective form of collagen because it comes closest to the structure of human collagen. This form of collagen is also absorbed fastest by the body, within about 30 minutes. Besides that native fish collagen is the most effective form of collagen, it is also by far the most durable. Skin for Skin fish collagen is harvested from fish skins from the North Sea: a by-product of the Dutch fishery that is considered as residual waste.

If you want to change the question ‘how to get thicker hair’ into ‘how to get more beautiful, fuller and shinier hair without too much effort’ then we have the answer for you! Use our unique collagen supplements against hair loss. You only need to take them once a day: on an empty stomach, 30 minutes before breakfast. Our collagen hair loss pills are completely tasteless and completely natural. Also, unlike drinks and powder, no artificial fragrances, flavours, fillers and preservatives are added.

Product Shot Skin for Skin
The ultimate combination of collagen and vitamin C, that’s Skin for Skin. A 100% natural product, with native collagen from fish caught in nature.

Tips for thicker hair
With our collagen supplements your hair will get a health boost from the inside; optically it will take some time before your hair looks healthier and more beautiful. Want more tips for a full head of hair? Then try the following tips:

Blow-dry your hair the other way around
Dry your hair (with the hair dryer not in the warmest position to avoid damage) with your head hanging down. When your hair is dry you have a huge volume boost at the roots that makes your hair look optically thicker.

Sea salt spray
Use sea salt spray or another texturizer to add more texture to your hair. This will also make your strands look thicker.

Dry shampoo
The rough texture allows you to create volume in your hair with dry shampoo. Always choose a powder instead of a spray to achieve the optimal effect.

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