How much collagen do you need per day?

Today, it is impossible to imagine the beauty and health industry without collagen. And that’s a good thing, because this golden protein provides an awful lot of benefits. But how much collagen per day do you need to experience these benefits? We are happy to explain it to you!

The golden protein collagen

Collagen is an extremely important protein in our bodies. You can see it as a kind of glue-protein, everywhere in our body it provides firmness and elasticity: the bones, tendons, muscles, cartilage, connective tissues, skin, hair, nails, teeth. After the age of 25, our body produces less and less collagen, which triggers the natural ageing process. Everywhere in our body, collagen slowly decreases. In the skin, collagen can be seen as the bricks of the skin; it keeps the skin firm and elastic. When collagen decreases there, the skin slackens, sags and wrinkles appear.

Fortunately, you can make up for this collagen deficit!

How much collagen per day
How much collagen do you need per day? Look carefully at the form of collagen and do not be fooled!

How much collagen do you need per day?

Collagen can be found in different forms; vegetable collagen, bovine collagen, porcine collagen and fish collagen. Fish collagen is the purest form of collagen; the structure of fish collagen is closest to that of human collagen. There are two types of fish collagen: hydrolysed fish collagen and native fish collagen. The amount of collagen needed per day to experience results differs per form of collagen.

How much collagen do you need from hydrolysed collagen?

The difference between the two forms of fish collagen lies in the method of extraction; extracting the collagen from the skin of the fish. Hydrolysed collagen uses heat, chemicals or acids during the extraction process. This cuts the structure of the collagen. When taken orally, collagen enters the stomach. There, enzymes break down the collagen into amino acids. These amino acids are then released into the bloodstream via the small intestine and enter the body. If you are already providing collagen that has been cut up, which the enzymes in the stomach have to cut up again, you will need more collagen to experience results.

With hydrolysed collagen, the recommended amount is often between 6 and 10 grams per day. This form of collagen is often found in powders and drinks. 

How much collagen do you need with native collagen?

In native collagen, the structure remains intact during the extraction process. Unlike hydrolysed collagen, no heat, chemicals or acids are used during the extraction process of native collagen. This leaves the structure of this form of collagen completely intact. When this collagen arrives in the stomach, enzymes can easily cut it up into amino acids. This form of collagen therefore requires a considerably smaller quantity to produce results. With native collagen, results can be seen from as little as 40 MG. Skin for Skin is the only provider of native collagen and has a patent on this extraction process. We process 200MG of native fish collagen into convenient capsules. 

Conclusion: How much collagen do you need per day? The recommended quantity of hydrolysed collagen per day is between 6 and 10 grams. With native collagen, the structure is still fully intact, so you already experience results at 40MG per day.

*Both forms of collagen produce good results. We always recommend going for the form that is easiest for you. Do not be misled by sales pitches of collagen products with an enormous amount of collagen in them, both forms really work differently and are not comparable. 

How is collagen absorbed by our body?

We now know how much collagen we need per day, but how is it used by our bodies after ingestion? Collagen is made up of amino acids. A collagen fibre in our body is made up of the amino acids: proline, glycine and hydroxyproline. When we take collagen orally, it enters the stomach. The enzymes in the stomach chop up the collagen into amino acids. These amino acids eventually enter the bloodstream via the small intestine and are used where the body needs them. The amino acids proline, glycine and hydroxyproline are used by the fibroblasts (important cells in the skin) to make new collagen. This way, taking in extra collagen can make up for the collagen deficit that has occurred.

collagen powders and supplement experiences
Different forms of collagen products; which form do you find easiest?

What should you look for when choosing a collagen product?

Collagen can be found in different types of products: supplements, powders, drinks, creams, even collagen coffees. Which form of collagen is the best to take? 

  • Always choose the purest form of collagen
  • It is important to choose the purest form of collagen. Pigs and cattle are often fed hormones or medicines. Some suppliers of fish collagen also use farmed fish such as tilapia or pangasius as the source of their collagen. No heat, chemicals or acids are used in native fish collagen, so it does not end up in the final product. Naturally, native fish collagen is the purest, most natural form of collagen. 
  • Choose a collagen product with vitamin C
  • Vitamin C is the building block of collagen. Without vitamin C, hydroxyproline, one of the three amino acids that make up collagen fibres, cannot be formed. Extra vitamin C in a collagen product is therefore a good addition. 
  • Choose a form that works for you
  • With collagen, consistency is very important. If you want to lose weight, you will not achieve anything by going to the gym once and then doing nothing for days. It works the same way when it comes to filling a collagen deficit. The intake of collagen must be consistent and every day. Therefore, choose a product that works best for you; pill, powder or drink. Personally, we like the capsule form best, as it is easy to take and completely tasteless. 

The Skin for Skin collagen supplement

Skin for Skin is the only provider of native fish collagen. We process our native fish collagen with extra vitamin C into handy little capsules. The source of our native fish collagen is the fish skin that remains during the processing of wild caught North Sea fish for the food industry. This makes us completely circular, 100% natural, made in Holland and extremely sustainable. The fish is not caught to make our collagen product; we use the residual flow from the food industry to make a high-quality collagen product.

The results of Skin for Skin collagen

We often get the question from new customers: “Why do I only need one small pill of your collagen, while I have to use big scoops of powders from other brands? Does your collagen work?” This question is quite understandable, especially since almost all suppliers on the collagen market offer hydrolysed collagen and thus recommend 6 to 10 grams per day. Our collagen supplement contains 200MG of native fish collagen; results can already be seen from 40MG of native collagen. The results of our powerful collagen supplement are therefore incredibly beautiful. With our skin scan we can take a look into the skin to see what our collagen is doing there.

scan results collagen
The effect of native collagen inside the skin

The skin scan above shows that after using Skin for Skin collagen, only after five days, the collagen level in the skin has visibly increased. The green dots represent our connective tissue/collagen fibres. The white dots show cell activity and blue hyaluronic acid. The result? A firmer, fuller, hydrated and radiant skin!

Want to buy collagen?

Curious about what collagen can do for you? Order our collagen supplement in our webshop! Work on a healthy, radiant and firm skin from within with just 1 capsule a day. We can’t make it any easier!

Want to know more about collagen?

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Download our free E-book about collagen below! In it you will also find a special discount code to receive 10% discount on your next order!

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