Fuller hair with Skin for Skin collagen!

Now if you look outside, you’ll see that the trees are slowly losing their leaves. The beautiful summer is really almost over now and autumn has begun. I personally find the change of seasons one of the most beautiful natural phenomena. Yet for many people this (temperature) transition also has less pleasant consequences: Hair loss!

Fuller hair with Skin for Skin collagen
Since I swallow Skin for Skin every day my hair has become much fuller and I hear that from many Skin for Skin users. My sister Hilde is a hairdresser at hairdresser Klein Knip here in Urk and I decided to visit my sister for this week’s blog. I asked Hilde why people can suffer from hair loss and how our hair can get fuller again.

“We lose 50 to 150 hairs a day and that’s quite normal, because those hairs grow back every day. Sometimes this balance is temporarily disturbed and then we speak of hair loss. Hair loss occurs after childbirth, with certain medication, during a stressful period or at the change of seasons. However, the cause also seems to be linked to collagen. Collagen is a protein that gives structure to our blood vessels and thus also the blood vessels around our hair follicles. When the production of collagen decreases, the hair gets, as it were, too little oxygen and can die. The hair becomes brittle and falls out and of course we don’t want that! Our hair is a very fast-growing tissue in our body and is made up of keratin and collagen. A better supply of collagen ensures healthy hair growth. As a result, the hair follicles and hair roots can grow well again. So it is not at all surprising that Skin for Skin users soon experience that their hair has become fuller! according to my sister Hilde.

I am so curious about your experiences with Skin for Skin! Have you also experienced that your hair is much fuller by using Skin for Skin? Let us know about your experiences, leave a message on our Facebook page and maybe you will win your next stock of Skin for Skin! Once every two months we will choose a winner from our (recent) reviewers!

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