Extra time to relax this spring break?

Springbreak…. Does this even feel as a holiday? I have to confess that the whole Covid period felt as a holiday at our house. I know that it is not the way it’s supposed to be, with all the weekly emails I get from the schools. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a difficult period for everyone. The schools that were closed and had to teach with an online distance. No need to say that things didn’t go perfect with us either.

De past few weeks…

The eldest is in her graduating year, so she is expected at school every day. She herself thinks that this is unfair in relation to her brothers, but secretly she knows that if she were left to her own devices at home, she would not pass. Chapeau for the school for anticipating this

The middle one experiences his first year of secondary school from his bed. Advantage: you can’t be called a greenie? Online lessons are fine, but you have to get out from under the covers, right? The fact that the lessons are shorter than normal, and so they play games with each other between lessons, is not worthy of a name. I know, I should of course make sure he’s at his desk with daylight and fresh air. Full screen instead of just sound in Teams or Zoom. Hair styled and clothes on. But I have to go to the office myself. So: no one to judge my son. And then you stay in bed. Judging by his grades he can take it?. 

Then the youngest. Well, yes. That is a whole different story. Thank goodness that the primary schools have been open for a while now! Because I didn’t like the idea of homeschooling any more. The youngest one needs some extra support, and after trying all kinds of things (taking him with me to the office and giving him support there, in the morning very early, or in the evening after dinner or football practice still doing all the homework) it was decided, in consultation with the school, that he could go to school 2 mornings after all. That was already such a relief! The fact that he loves to go to school again says it all. Long live the Education Act of 1806, back then they were probably already getting fed up with all the children being at home non-stop, haha! 

My holiday plans

Let’s get back to spring break. Because yes….. Under normal circumstances, we would now be sitting in the car, on our way to Italy for a wonderful week of skiing with our family and friends. Due to the ongoing uncertainty, we decided early on to cancel the holiday. A great pity as we love skiing. (Read: mummy loves sitting in the sun with a glass of white wine and a cheese plate and a nice bad après-ski party). That’s how it is, there are certainly worse things in the world. But because it’s nice to start a positive relaxing week from home, with or without a national curfew, I thought of something: our holiday box!

Relax with the products from the Holiday Box!

The Holiday Relax box 

Together with our team, I put together a cool box. Besides our delicious teas and sheet masks, you will also find our newest acquisition in this box. The Skin for Skin brush. This hair brush is an all-in-one tool. You can use it to wash your hair in the shower, give it a head massage, in short, some extra love for your scalp. The fact that you are ridding your scalp of dead skin cells and improving blood flow is a bonus. This in turn contributes to stronger hair and hair growth.

Collagen chocolates

Furthermore, in cooperation with Bon Bon Chocolate, we have developed delicious luxury bonbons, which also contain our collagen. So you have already reached your daily RDA of our collagen when you take one of the fantastic bonbons with your cup of Skin for Skin tea.

Handmade collagen chocolates!

Sustainable scented candles

You will also find a scented candle in this box. No, not just one: scented candles made by my daughter Bo. Entrepreneurial as she is at the age of 15, she thought of starting her own candle label. (Slightly enthused by moi. You can never have enough scented candles in the house is one of my mottos…. You can also never have enough shoes, coats, dresses, jeans, cosmetics, make-up and perfumes, but that’s beside the point). So after a brainstorming session at home with my daughter, we came up with the idea that the scented candle should of course match Skin for Skin.

The lady came up with the idea of using old shells, POWER OF THE SEA! A shame to throw away oyster shells and scallops. So after a few detours (a contact from Zeeland even went onto the beach to collect empty oyster shells that had washed ashore and brought them to Urk via via the internet), a load of shells had been collected. Then we had to score the ingredients. The wax had to be of good quality and not harmful, but above all the hunt for the right scents was the most fun. We also mixed up our favourites, so we created some special scents for you! 

The Skin for Skin holiday book!

The Skin for Skin holiday book

Another thing that could not be missed was to put an activity in the box. And that is where the idea of our puzzle booklet was born. Colleague Daan McP made the puzzles. We hope that you can figure it out? (yes, we have 2 Daniëlle’s working here, so this hiphop name was needed to keep them apart). Every week it’s the same thing: the jokes about these 2 Danes are endless. “If you guys worked downstairs in the warehouse, you’d be underDanes”). Anyway, we think we have made a really nice box for you to really relax and feel like you are on holiday!

Love, Mardien

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