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Have you heard of collagen? And why it is advisable to maintain your collagen level as early as possible? The latest trend in the beauty industry, 100% natural and very effective! Read more about what collagen is and Manon Tilstra’s experiences with collagen from Skin for Skin.

What is collagen and what does it do?
Collagen is the most common protein in our body and is very important for the structure of the skin, hair and nails. COLLA = glue, in other words; collagen has a ‘gluing’ function. Collagen is found in the skin, bones, cartilage, connective tissue, ligaments, tendons, blood vessels, hair and nails!

In our body collagen is naturally present, body’s own collagen. This collagen is responsible for, among other things:

Firmness of the skin
Good functioning of bones
Good functioning of cartilage
Good circulation of blood vessels
Unfortunately, your body produces less and less collagen after the age of 25. Not good news!

Just like with us humans, the skin of the fish is full of collagen. The structure of fish collagen corresponds best to the structure of human collagen and is therefore best absorbed. By means of a patented process we extract collagen from the skin of wild caught North Sea fish*. Due to this unique process, the structure of the collagen remains whole, the collagen works optimally and the daily quantity is much lower than that of other collagen products. (* Our collagen is sustainable. No fish are caught just to make our product. The fish is for human consumption, we use the residual flow of production).

Skin for Skin is a food supplement that consists of a small capsule consisting of fish collagen and vitamin C. Vitamin C naturally helps the body to make and absorb collagen. Studies show that with the intake of 40 mg of native collagen one already notices the effect. The capsule of Skin for Skin contains 200 mg of pure collagen and 20 mg of vitamin C and is a very powerful and pure supplement.

Because the natural production of collagen decreases further and further from the age of 25, it is advisable to start to maintain your collagen level as early as possible. Extra collagen has many benefits, users experience a beautiful and even skin, fuller hair, faster hair growth and strong nails.

Experiences Manon Tilstra with Skin for Skin collagen
We were pleased to hear that blogger/YouTuber Manon Tilstra uses our collagen supplement with satisfaction. She says the following about this:

Manon Tilstra: “I am very happy with the product! I have it standard in my locker in the bathroom and every day when I’m getting ready I take the pill as well. And I haven’t been using Skin for Skin for a very long time but I already notice that my hair has gotten fuller! I am a fan :-)”

Users experience further:

Vital feeling
Tight and even skin
No more dry skin
Stronger and longer nails
Faster hair growth
No more hair loss
Curious what Skin for Skin collagen can do for you? Order quickly in our shop! PS: also a very nice tip for Mother’s Day 😉

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