Daily stay-in routine

So, I’m seated 🙂 What a lovely weather we have, this way I can get my vitamin D in a natural way! You also get a nice tan, because let’s be honest, although we know that the sun is responsible for skin aging, a healthy complexion does wonders for your mood:-)


I drink a lovely big cup of Berry tea or beauty tea as I affectionately call it. Why beauty tea? Partly because of the white and green tea in it. These 2 teas contain polyphenol, a super strong antioxidant. These antioxidants are important to fight free radicals, because these free radicals also cause skin aging. While I’m thinking about Danielle, who is stalking me to send in this new blog and so I should be typing the blisters on my fingers, I’m enjoying myself in the back of my garden, haha!  

My phone call serves as entertainment, my screen time average of 5 hours and thirty-one minutes remains the same this way…. I’d better stretch my legs in the form of a walk or a bike ride, but hey, somebody has to keep up with social media to really not miss anything of what’s going on in the world, right? Because the fact that we’re still in a kind of ‘quarantine’ together, didn’t hardly anyone seen it coming? And despite the fact that it gives peace and quiet in my family (no taxi for football, no meetings, no appointments, best chill) I miss everything! 

Beauty routine 

This morning I started (as usual) with my collagen capsules. At the moment I’m on 2 capsules a day, after I had neglected them for a while. (read why in my Instagram post) It’s clear to me that I shouldn’t stop. Never. Never. The consequences are awful, very awful hahaha! So I’m definitely faithful again, and besides that I’m drinking my tea faithfully, using a sheet mask from Skin for Skin every week. Although I can certainly use the lifting with my 40 years of age, the glowing is also very nice on some days.

Well, I’ve got to give myself a kick in my *** now, otherwise nothing will come out of my hands. I’ve got a two-sided to-do list, but I can’t do it. Freezer’s not thawed out yet, wardrobe’s not cleared out yet, even my books haven’t been put in alphabetical order or color, you know, those really, really important things…. 

Win action
One of the prizes!

Win win win! 

You know what? I’m gonna grab another ice cream. I’m not gonna do anything today 🙂 Except tell you guys about our new action:

With every product you order starting today, you will receive a lottery ticket. So not with every order 1 lot, no, with every product. So if you buy a hair supplement, tea and a sheet mask, you will receive 3 lots. What can you win then I hear you think? We have super nice prizes if I say so myself:-) Tea packages, mask packages, collagen packages, hair packages, and even as a first prize our entire assortment in a super nice package! You don’t have to do anything extra, just order. What you probably would do anyway:-) Because by now you know the importance of our products, just like I do!

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