Create a spa treatment with these simple steps at home!

Daily self-care routines help you stay healthy, happy and balanced. December, besides being fun, is also a very busy time for many people. So it can’t do any harm to plan a relaxing moment for yourself every week, especially in this busy month! Upgrade your self-care routine, use our wellness tips and create your spa treatment at home! 

Relax in your own mini wellness

Run a nice hot bath, add your favourite scent, light a scented candle, cleanse your skin and put on some relaxing wellness music. There is no better way to relax than in a lovely hot bath! 

1. Unwind with our delicious fresh herbal tea

A fresh cup of tea can certainly help to relax, can help with stress or to sleep better. For centuries, drinking a cup of tea has been a remedy for stress and tension. Our fresh herbal teas can therefore not be missing in your self-care routine! 

The Skin for Skin Beauty tea contains white tea, green tea, verbena and black and red berries. This tea is rich in antioxidants and mildly relaxing!

The Skin for Skin Herbal teablend has a calming effect, is anti-inflammatory and helps the digestion! Which teablend are you going for?

2. Give your skin a boost

Of course, a small facial treatment cannot be missed at a spa treatment. Skin for Skin has two unique sheet masks to give the skin a real boost. The idea behind a sheet mask is that the material of the mask retains the active ingredients on your face, so that all the ingredients can penetrate deep into your skin and you can benefit optimally from them.

Skin for Skin ‘get me glowing’ sheet mask gives an instant glow to your skin. This mask is purifying, calming, moisturising, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.

Our ‘lift me up’ sheet mask has a lifting effect, anti-ageing properties, fills in fine lines and firms the facial contours.

A warm bath, scented candle, sheet mask, cup of fresh herbal tea by your side… relax!

3. Mini connective tissue massage

After using our sheet masks, you can collect the remaining serum in an empty serum bottle, for example, or store it in the bag. You can also choose to save the mask twice, the bags contain enough serum for that! 

With the remaining serum you can perform a small facial massage. To do this, it is best to use a jaderoller, which you will find in our skin box. Spread the remaining serum over your face and roll with the roller (or with your fingers) from the inside to the outside of your face. Read more about how you can perform a connective tissue massage at home and what the effects are here!

Complete spa treatment in 1 box

Skin for Skin has composed a special gift box for this holiday season, containing all the products you need for an ultimate moment of relaxation! The ‘Get comfy’ box contains a luxurious bathrobe, a Skin for Skin sheet mask with extra serum bottle, both our teablends with matching teaspoons and luxury teapot! Give your self-care routine an upgrade today and order the box in our webshop!

We wish you all a very happy and relaxing December month!


Team Skin for Skin 

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