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Skin for Skin



founder Skin for Skin, 40 years

Everyday I'm busy with trying to create something beautiful for the feature.Reinforcing our brand Skin for Skin, offering you the tools for the best skin or communicating with our clients, everything I do with great enjoyment. Being the living proof of the benefits of collagen for anti-aging, I find it a privilege to work at Skin for Skin!



Administration, 30 years

“From the beginning I have been working for Skin for Skin. I’ve seen Skin for Skin grow from a sustainable idea into a beautiful pure product. From my function as administrative employee, I could follow all processes. When you have contact with me, it will mostly revolve around question about billing and payments. I am at your service.”


van der Sloot

Online- and content marketeer, 23 years

My function says online- and content marketeer, but actually I’m a jack of all trades. On the the daily I keep myself busy with everything that happens online; optimizing our website and shop, creating new content and writing for our social media channels, the online marketing and a part of the customer service. Next to that I’m Mardien’s right hand, we brainstorm together about the general growth of Skin for Skin, we set goals and strategies and spend a lot of time with product development. A function I fulfill with a lot of fun and passion.



Sales, 35 years

“The health & wellness industry has become a great part of my life in the past two decades. I started my career at the drugstore and now I present regularly for large groups of specialists from the beauty branch. During my ‘journey’ I got to know leading brands and have worked with big product-and treatment houses from all around the world. I have a big passion for the skin, skincare , ingredients and treatment methods and it always offered me a great deal of experience, it’s a wonderful craft that keeps developing. I am very happy to support Mardien with the development of training material as well as offering training for specialists.”


it now!

We process our native fish collagen as a basic ingredient in all kinds of beauty and health products. Skin for Skin collagen, your new beauty secret! Discover the secret of the sea for yourself.

Are you ready to dive into the world of collagen?

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