Connective tissue massage for the face with our free jaderoller!

Tissue massages for the face, we’re crazy about it! Connective tissue is an important part of our skin. It gives the skin shape, firmness and volume. An unhealthy connective tissue can have very unpleasant consequences for our skin. That is why a small connective tissue massage for the face is not a superfluous luxury. With our free jaderoller, our favorite beauty tool, you can give yourself a mini connective tissue massage every day! 

connective tissue massage with jaderoller
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What is connective tissue?

Connective tissue is a supporting tissue that occurs throughout our body, in various forms. Connective tissue has a supporting and nurturing function. Connective tissue cares for and protects the underlying organs. It also forms the path along which blood vessels and nerves are led to the organs. Connective tissue consists mainly of fibers, including collagen fibers! These collagen fibres ensure the strength of the connective tissue! An important player when talking about sagging skin: wrinkles, cellulite and sagging skin.

What does healthy connective tissue do?

The connective tissue has many functions that contribute to our health and beauty. Connective tissue contains collagen, elastic and reticular fibers: these provide the firmness, elasticity and volume of the skin. In addition, connective tissue also contains blood vessels that discharge waste products through the lymphatic system. A good drainage of our waste products and blood circulation is also very important for healthy skin.

What does unhealthy connective tissue do?

Unhealthy connective tissue also affects your skin. It makes your skin more vulnerable. There may be a lack of oxygen in the tissue and the blood vessels in your skin may not dilate sufficiently. You can also get subcutaneous inflammation and an accumulation of fluid and waste products can occur. The skin can slacken and get a dull and gray complexion. A small connective tissue massage once in a while is therefore not a superfluous luxury! 

How do you give yourself a connective tissue massage?

With a connective tissue massage we ‘massage’ the connective tissue and the intention is to activate the skin as much as possible. Deep connective tissue massages can be done at a beautician, but at home you can also continue this daily. Our favourite tool for this is the jaderoller. It is important to keep the jaderoller clean and to use it on a cleansed face. You can apply one of our masks or your favorite serum and/or cream before you start. In this way you make sure that all the active ingredients can be nicely absorbed by your skin. Important to know: you massage from the middle of your face outwards. This is to help your lymphatic system dispose of waste products. And you always massage from the bottom to the top to work ‘hitchhiking’! So, for example, start with your chin and follow the line of your jaw upwards. (At our jaderoller you will also find clear instructions for use).

connective tissue massage with jaderoller
source: pinterest

Because our connective tissue consists of collagen fibres and therefore collagen, it is very nice to swallow collagen. After all, the natural production of collagen decreases after our 25th year of life and thus also the strength of our connective tissue! Our collagen supplement contains native fish collagen and vitamin C!

effects of connective tissue massage

A connective tissue massage for the face is also called ‘nature’s answer to botox’! Connective tissue massages for the face can have very nice effects on the skin: 

  • Nicer complexion
  • Improved elasticity
  • Smoother skin
  • Less deep wrinkles
  • Decrease of dark circles around the eyes
  • Improvement of the blood and oxygen circulation for a natural glow
  • Supporting the skin when disposing of waste products
  • Lymfedrainage
  • Relaxing feeling
  • Decrease of jaw and tension headache
  • Cooling
Free jaderoller!
Free jaderoller with your order!

Free jaderoller for connective tissue massages at home!

Do you also want to start with connective tissue massages for your face? This week we will give you our favorite beauty-tool, the jaderoller, as a gift with all orders over 65 euro! To give some extra love after all the ‘sitting inside’ and to celebrate that there are some relaxations about covid-19! Order quickly in our webshop and: Start rollin’ baby!

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