Combat hair loss with vitamin & nutrition
Are you suffering from hair loss and are you looking for a solution to prevent it? Thanks to our hair supplement full of collagen, Vitamin A, B12 and C, biotin, selenium, zinc, copper and silicon, you can reduce hair loss! At some point, both men and women can suffer from thinning hair that falls out. This is annoying, but you don’t have to resign yourself to it. Our hair supplement is a good solution to this problem! In addition, your hair will be healthier and it can shine more. Order the hair supplement in the shop and experience it for yourself!

Combat hair loss in a natural way
Our hair is made up of the proteins Keratin and Collagen. The hairs are fed through the blood vessels in our body to the hair follicles. So it is important that our hair is supplied with the right hair vitamins. Thanks to our hair supplement you can stop hair loss in a natural way. But how? Our Skin for Skin hair supplement is based on our own native fish collagen and Vitamin C. Vitamin C contributes to the formation of collagen which is important for the blood vessels and through these blood vessels our hair is nourished. After our 25th year of life, the natural production of collagen decreases, as a result of which the hair can, as it were, get too little oxygen, die and fall out. In addition to collagen and vitamin C, our hair supplement also contains vitamins A and B12, biotin, selenium, zinc, copper and silicon.

The ultimate combination of collagen and vitamin C is Skin for Skin. A 100% natural product, with native collagen from fish caught in nature.

Stimulate hair growth after hair loss
In addition to preventing hair loss, our supplement also helps to stimulate hair growth after hair loss. Taking our hair supplement ensures that the shortage of hair vitamins and minerals is replenished. Thanks to our hair supplement your hair falls out much less and it is also healthier! Vitamin C ensures that more oxygen goes to the hair follicles. Your hair is hydrated from the inside out, making your hair look fuller and shiny. Your hair gets a real health boost from the inside!

Tips for reducing hair loss
If you want to stop suffering from hair loss, our hair supplements offer a solution. The body’s own collagen deficiency is replenished and you get enough hair vitamin. Besides taking this supplement, you can also contribute to hair loss. For example, you can use shampoo and care products without parabens and other chemical additives. In addition, smoking does not improve your hair condition and hair growth! The blood vessels in your scalp constrict and don’t get enough oxygen. So it’s better to leave the cigarettes.

Taking our hair supplements ensures that hair loss is stopped and the hair shines and looks healthy again.

hair supplement against hair loss
Skin for Skin hair supplement

The ultimate combination of collagen and vitamin C, that’s Skin for Skin. A 100% natural product, with native collagen from fish caught in nature.

Do you want to prevent hair loss?
Are you convinced of what our hair supplements with our collagen and Vitamin C can do for your hair? Experience the benefits for yourself and place an order in the shop! Take a supplement every day during a meal. You will soon see results. Your hair looks thicker and shines beautifully! Want to know more about what our hair supplement can do against hair loss? Feel free to contact us, we’ll be happy to tell you more about how it works! You can also call us or Whatsappen if you prefer! We can be reached at 06-13303503.

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