Collagen powder experiences

Collagen powder experiences

You’re reading more and more about collagen powder experiences. Collagen is a proven effective method to strengthen the health of your skin. But which collagen is best to choose? And is collagen powder better, or a collagen supplement? Skin for Skin is an extremely effective collagen supplement, consisting of 200 miligrams of fish collagen and 20 miligrams of vitamin C. Therefore, choose Skin for Skin over other collagen supplements or collagen powders!

Different types of collagen

Between our 20th and 25th year of life, the amount of collagen produced by our own body decreases. Taking collagen is the solution. And do you want optimal results? Then use intact collagen, not powders. This is a hydrolysate or peptide, which means that the collagen is cut up. This is a great shame, because it reduces the quality of the collagen. The collagen in Skin for Skin is kept so intact by the specific process that the protein structure remains intact. Because of this, your body needs less, for the same effect.

Collagen powder experiences

Users of collagen powder experience the same effects as users of other collagen products. It can support the skin structure, hair and nails from the inside and users experience faster muscle recovery and muscle building. But collagen powder is a polypeptide made by hydrolization of denaturalized collagen or gelatin. This process makes it possible to obtain a relatively low molecular mass. This makes it possible to dissolve collagen hydrolysate in cold water without forming a gel. The further processes needed to produce hydrolysed collagen are demineralization, extraction of collagen to gelatin, enzymatic hydrolysation to form collagen hydrolysate, ion exchange, filtration, evaporation, steralization and drying.

The hydrolysed collagen does dissolve in cold water and does not have the bitter taste due to its high glycine content. The bitter peptides formed in normal collagen are virtually absent in hydrolysed collagen.

The ultimate combination of collagen and vitamin C, that’s Skin for Skin. A 100% natural product, with native collagen from fish caught in nature.

Choose Skin for Skin!

The collagen in Skin for Skin is kept so intact by the specific process that the protein structure remains intact. Unlike collagen in hydrolisate or peptides (where the collagen is cut up), the native collagen is still completely intact. Therefore, for the same effect, less ingestion is needed than the amount of collagen hydrolysate. Skin for Skin is a small, powerful capsule, consisting of 200 miligrams of fish collagen and 20 miligrams of vitamin C.

Skin for Skin is also absorbed 1.5 times faster than collagen powders. The experiences with Skin for Skin are also 1.5 times faster to notice than collagen powder experiences. In addition, the collagen in Skin for Skin has remained more intact, so that the collagen is of higher quality and has been used in a higher concentration in a small capsule. You don’t have to worry about the dosage of powders. For optimal results take 1 capsule of Skin for Skin every morning – half an hour before breakfast – with a glass of water or fruit juice.

Order Skin for Skin

Are you convinced of the usefulness of collagen by reading collagen powder experiences? Then order Skin for Skin directly in the shop and benefit from our campaigns!

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