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We all want to look as young as possible for as long as possible, right? Unfortunately, around the age of 25, your natural collagen production and supply decrease and you will start to see signs of ageing. Do you want to counteract this? Skin for Skin’s 100% natural collagen pills with Vitamin C help maintain your collagen levels so that you look longer, younger – and feel good! Download our free E-book about collagen at the bottom of the page and receive a 10% discount code!


Which type of collagen is best?

There are different types of collagen used in pills, each with a different source of origin. For example, you can ‘harvest’ collagen from chicken or pig skin. However, Skin for Skin uses native collagen from fish skin. The collagen from fish is closest to the structure of human collagen. Also, native fish collagen is quickly absorbed into the blood via the small intestine, due to its low molecular weight. Apart from the good quality of fish collagen, this is also a very sustainable way of harvesting collagen. Fish skins are a residual product from the fishing industry (after production for the food industry) and would otherwise disappear as waste! We find sustainability and the environment important and therefore we package our collagen pills in environmentally friendly and recyclable packaging. Skin for Skin is a Dutch company and processes fish from the North Sea. Native collagen cannot be compared with hydrolysate. In native collagen, the protein structure is completely intact, in contrast to hydrolysate, which is chopped up collagen.

Besides collagen, Skin for Skin’s pills also contain a high dose of Vitamin C: this vitamin contributes, among other things, to collagen formation. Each pill contains 20mg of Vitamin C: more than a quarter of the recommended daily intake.

Patented way of harvesting collagen

Skin for Skin uses a patented, 100% natural method of harvesting collagen from fish skins. What makes this method special is that it ensures that the structure of the collagen remains completely intact; therefore, it is very effective. This is called native collagen.

Beauty supplements against wrinkles?

You would think that the best way to get a tight skin without wrinkles would be to apply a collagen cream to your skin. Unfortunately, collagen cannot be absorbed by the skin and the firming must come from within!

Collagen is a protein that belongs to the body and keeps hair, skin and nails healthy, among other things. After the age of 25, collagen production decreases by 1% each year. You need to make up for this shortfall to ensure that your skin continues to look good. Why? Collagen keeps your skin elastic and therefore less prone to wrinkles. Isn’t that what we all want? By adding vitamin C you stimulate your collagen fibres again. Good news!

The best collagen – with no aftertaste

Our beauty pills with vitamin C and collagen are extremely easy to use; you only need to take one every day! The collagen supplement is taken every morning on an empty stomach, about 30 minutes before breakfast. Contrary to collagen drinks, Skin for Skin’s collagen pills do not contain any sweeteners, flavourings, additives or other preservatives. This also means that you do not unexpectedly ingest sugars; therefore, the collagen pills are extremely suitable for fitness enthusiasts and athletes who want to maintain their collagen level. Another plus: unlike drinks and powder, the collagen pills are easy to take with you when you are on holiday, for example. Without fuss you still get your daily collagen intake. Did you know that our collagen pills have the enormous advantage that they are completely tasteless, so there is no aftertaste!

Do you want to know more about the working of collagen and our products? Download our free E-book below and receive a 10% discount code with the E-book!

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