collagen hydrolysate

Collagen hydrolysate
Collagen hydrolysate is becoming increasingly popular in the world of beauty. But which collagen is best to choose? Is collagen hydrolysate the most effective choice? Or would it be better to choose a collagen supplement? Skin for Skin is an extremely effective collagen supplement, consisting of 200 miligrams of fish collagen and 20 miligrams of vitamin C. Choose Skin for Skin over other collagen supplements or collagen hydrolysate!

What is collagen?
Collagen is the most common protein in our body, our body even consists of 30 process collagen! The word comes from the two Greek words ‘kolla’ (glue) and ‘gene’ (producing). Collagen has glue-like properties, because it forms a layer between adjacent tissue and ensures that this tissue is held together. Collagen is found in our connective tissue of the skin, joints and organs. In addition, it keeps our skin firm and ensures a smoother functioning of the cartilage.

Collagen hydrolysate or collagen supplement?
After our 20th year of life, the amount and production of collagen in our body decreases. (Read more about this) Not good news for your skin! A collagen supplement is the solution. It supports the skin from the inside out by maintaining your collagen level. Do you want optimal results with the collagen supplement? Then do not use a collagen hydrolysate, but an intact collagen supplement. Collagen hydrolysate or peptides consist of cut or damaged collagen. A shame, because this reduces the quality of the collagen.

Choose Skin for Skin!
The collagen in Skin for Skin is kept so intact by the specific process that the protein structure remains intact. Unlike collagen in hydrolisate or peptides (where the collagen is cut up), the native collagen is still completely intact. Therefore, for the same effect, less ingestion is needed than the amount of collagen hydrolysate. Skin for Skin is a small, powerful capsule, consisting of 200 miligrams of fish collagen and 20 miligrams of vitamin C. For optimal results take 1 capsule Skin for Skin every morning – half an hour before breakfast – with a glass of water or fruit juice.

Product Shot Skin for Skin
The ultimate combination of collagen and vitamin C, that’s Skin for Skin. A 100% natural product, with native collagen from fish caught in nature.

Maintain collagen level
It is also important to realise that you are building up your collagen level with a collagen supplement or collagen hydrolysate. You can compare swallowing collagen with doing sports: as soon as you stop, you lose what you build up, just like having to maintain your muscle mass during exercise. That means you’ll even have to take your supply of collagen with you when you go on holiday. So your suitcase will have to be partly filled with your collagen supply, but we’ll have to make do with that. You can no longer do without your collagen.

Ordering Skin for Skin
Are you convinced of the usefulness of collagen? Then order Skin for Skin directly in the shop and benefit of various campaigns!

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