The story of
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"The story of Skin for Skin starts with my own place of birth, Urk. On this former fishing island, the sea and everything it has to offer has been central for a long time. I would like to take you along in our unique story."

The power

of the sea

Skin for skin is an authentic sustainable ‘made in holland’ product and finds it origin on the former island called Urk. Urk used to be an island in the Zuyderzee, where its inhabitants make a living of the fishery. Spending day and night on the sea to get a good catch to come home with. Where at first they faced the sea with wooden boats called ‘botters’, fought through setbacks, innovated to maintain their right to exist, when in 1939 the closure dike became reality, which stripped Urk of its title of being an Island. Even though the Island was no more, the mentality and activity remained, wooden boats turned into large kotters and since then Urk became the largest fish Industry of Europe.


Pure product

Urk is the proud owner of the largest Fish Industry of Europe. Each week the kotters sail on the North sea. The freshly caught fish is processed daily in the village to an end product for the consumer/food industry. Skin for skin is developed out of our parent company Varia Fish, a big player on the fresh North sea fish market. The main product of Varia Fish is plaice, and this fish is filleted daily to a beautiful and tasteful end product.

natuurlijk viscollageen


100% green process

Despite various challenges, the people of Urk keep innovating. This is what happens at Varia Fish, the company of my husband. Arising of the question of how we can be as sustainable as possible inside our business operation and how to create circular initiatives, we found a solution for our rest stream. A unique, patented, 100% natural process to take various valuable substances out of the skin of the Fish, such as collagen.

Collagen.. Something that is right up my alley! After extensively testing the collagen myself, I experienced a lot of beauty- and health benefits. People around me started to notice the changes as well. A healthy glowing skin for instance, was something that my friends would like to have too.

Skin for skin was born! Currently I’m 40 years old and I take my supplements every morning religiously. I can’t live without it anymore! For me it is not about living a wrinkle-free life. Wrinkles are more visible than the visible lines in our face, our wrinkles tell a story. For me it's important to enjoy life to the fullest and luckily, smile lines are a part of that. Although every little bit helps right? I am very content with many Skin for Skin users, and for every user the benefits are different.

Are you ready to dive into the world of Collagen?


X Mardien


it now!

We process our native fish collagen as a basic ingredient in all kinds of beauty and health products. Skin for Skin collagen, your new beauty secret! Discover the secret of the sea for yourself.

Are you ready to dive into the world of collagen?

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