5 Tips against a dry winter skin

It is now really winter in the Netherlands! Outside it is freezing cold, temperatures are around freezing point and there is even snow! Because of the cold winter weather inside the heating goes up with the result: hello dry skin, cracked lips and static hair!

In this blog I give you 5 tips to prevent and treat dry winter skin. In addition, I explain why Skin for Skin collagen helps in the treatment of dry skin. 

1. The humidity 

Because of the cold, the humidity in the air is naturally much lower and therefore your skin cannot get hydration from the air. As a result, the moisture in the skin decreases, which reduces the natural protection of the skin. The result is dry, flaky and itchy skin. It is therefore not at all a bad idea to invest in a humidifier. This ensures that the humidity does not drop when it gets colder outside and turns on inside the heater. Put it especially in the bedroom, because while sleeping the skin is recovering.

2. No hot showers

A hot shower ensures that even more moisture escapes from the skin. In order to dry out your skin as little as possible, it is better not to shower too long and too hot.  

3. Hydratation

Products with aggressive ingredients, such as acne creams and anti-aging serums, have a dehydrating effect. Therefore, avoid products with, for example, alcohol. To properly treat and prevent winter skin, it is important to moisturize the skin. Of course, drinking a lot of water is also very important in winter, but hydrating products are also indispensable. By using a moisturizing cream, you actually lubricate your skin with active ingredients that bind moisture. For example, collagen, lanolin, glycerine or hyaluronic acid. 

4. Collagen

Collageen trekt vocht aan en heeft een hoog hydraterend vermogen. Aan de ene kant is het dus belangrijk om de huid van buitenaf te hydrateren, maar door dagelijks collageen in te nemen herstel je de vochtbalans van binnenuit. Gebruikers van Skin for Skin collageen ervaren daarom ook een stevigere huid die veel minder droog aanvoelt. Shop hier ons collageen supplement. 

5. Nutrition

In order to prevent dry skin, it is important to eat food with sufficient essential fatty acids on a daily basis. For example oily fish or avocados. It is also important to eat in a balanced way so that your body can get all the necessary substances from your diet. Vitamins A, B and C are very important for beautiful skin. Read our latest blog about nutrition for beautiful skin here!

Hopefully these tips will help you get dry skin and enjoy the snow outside this weekend! Because say it yourself: the white world outside has something special 😉 

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