12 tips for strong and healthy nails

read our tips for strong and healthy nails, and make sure your nails are taken care of from the inside out.

do you experience brittle nails which tear or break quickly and do you want to strengthen your weak nails? Specially for you, we have multiple tips to make your nails healty and strong again. Your hands is something that people notice at first sight and its important that they look as nice as possible of course! Do you want to strengthen your nails and improve their growth? Than keep on reading!

What are the nails made of?

Before we explain our tips, its important to know some background information of what the nails are made of. Nails are hard, protective plates on the top side of your fingertips and toes. Nails exist out of the protein keratin. The complete nail , from which the nailplate is a part of, exists out four elements:

  • Nailmatrix
  • The nailbed
  • Hyponychium
  • The nail plate


Tip #1 Complement the loss of collagen

Collagen is a frequent occuring protein in the body. This protein amongst other things makes sure that your nails stay strong and improves the growth. After your 25th, the collagen production reduces. complement this loss with our collagen supplement to maintain beautiful, healthy nails.

The supplements of Skin for Skin are packed with natural fish collagen and vitamins. This way you can give your nails a boost in no-time, to make them strong and healthy again.

Tip #2. Take vitamin C (and B)

Do you question which vitamin gives you strong and healthy nails? The answer is: vitamin C! When your body has a deficit of Vitamin C, it is easily spotted by the condition of your nails.  Your nails appear thinner and are more prone to tears and rips. Vitamin C also contributes to the production of your body’s own collagen produciton. At last, Vitamin B also contributes to healthy and strong nails.

Tip #3. Strengthen your nails from the inside out

The combination of vitamin C and collagen in one supplement helps to take care of your nails from the inside out. Due to the Vitamin C contributing to the production of the body’s own collagen,  our collagensupplements give an extra boost for strengthening from the inside out! We have two different kinds of supplements, that both have beautiful effects on the nails. Our collagen supplement exists out 200 mg native fish collagen and vitamin C. Our hair supplement exists of 50 mg native fish collagen, vitamin A, B12 and C, biotin, selenium , zinc, copper and silicium.

Tip #4. Use nail oil

When you rub your nails daily with a rich and nutritious oil, you maintain your nails to be hydrated.  This will make them less prone to break off. The best oil for your nails is Argan oil. This oil has hydrating attributes and is packed with Vitamin C that will strengthen your nails from the outside.

When you treat your nails with this rich oil, the chance of breaking and ripping is much smaller. Your nails have become more ”elastic”, which will make them bend instead of break.

Tip #5. Don’t clip your nails. but file.

The reason why you shouldn’t clip your nails, is because it will cause microtears in your nails if you do so. This is not beneficial for the structure and strength of your nails. To shorten your nails, use a glass file, to prevent little tears in your nails.

Still rather cut your nails? Cut them after taking a bath or a shower. Warm water helps to soften the nails, which makes it easier to cut through thick nails.

Tip #6. Use nail polish remover without acetone

Acetone is originally used for the removal of glue or paint. Removing with acetone is so strong, that it will even remove the most stubborn colours. At the same time, it dehydrated the nails and makes your nails more prone to breakage.

Want to prevent brittle nails? By using acetone the damaged and brittle nails will only become worse. Your nails can even turn yellow! Don’t want this to happen? Use a nail polish remover without acetone.

Tip #7. Use a nail hardener

With a nail hardener you make sure that your dry nails become strong again. When you apply nail harderener daily, you will quickly see the results. To achieve the best result, the best is to use it for multiple weeks.

Tip #8. Garlic as anti bacterial treatment

It may sound suprising, but garlic protects your nails against harmful substances that can affect your nails. How can you use it? Cut a clove of garlic through the middle and rub it on your nails, nailbed and the sides of your nail! You will be amazed by the results!

Of course you can wash your hands with soap after to eliminate bad smells.

Tip #9. Avoid nail biting

Short, bitten off nails do not look cared after. Nail biting doesn’t only weaken your nails, but it also makes them more prone for yeast infections. Do you want strong, healthy nails? Avoid biting your nails.

Tip #10. Avoid nail polish

When using nail polish, your nails cannot “breathe” anymore, which causes them to damage. Even if it makes your nails appear healthy , pretty and cover bad nails, know that its not beneficial for the maintainance of strong and healthy nails.

Tip #11. Protect your nails against water

Do you expose your hands for longer periods to warm water and chemicals (e.g. soap)? Then your nails become weak and is the chance of ripping them bigger. An easy tip is to wear gloves when doing the dishes! Your nails stay strong and your hands will be less dry: a win-win situation right?

Tip #12. Use natural, sustainable collagen

Our collagen can be seen as collagen of high quality! This because it has the most similar structure to human collagen. Our collagen is extracted from wild caught fish from the North sea. Fish skins are normally a waste product of the fish industry. With a wish to be sustainable, we upgrade these fish skins into a high worthy nutrient supplement.

Next to that, our collagen is extracted from the skin by a patented process. The special thing about this process is that the structure of the collagen stays instact. We combine our collagen with a high dose of Vitamin C into one capsule, without after taste! Thanks to our collagen supplement with Vitamin C, our dry, brittle nails will become stronger!

The ultimate combination of collagen and vitamin C for strong nails. A 100% natural product with native collagen from fish that is wild caught.


Do you want to strenghten dry, brittle nails?

When you experience weak, brittle nails than you will beneift from our collagen & vitamin C. Through our supplements you can achieve strong, healthy nails that will grow faster! Order them now in our shop to get your healthy nails. Only one capsule a day and see results in a matter of weeks. Easy right?

Would you like to know more information? Contact us through the contact form on our webiste. You can also call or send a message through whatsapp to 06-13303503! We would like to tell you more information!







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