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Meet fish collagen! Collagen is the most important component of our skin and is important for your overall health, beauty and well being! the secret ingredient of the producten of  Skin for Skin is native, Dutch made fish collagen! Extracted through a sustainable and unique process from the skin of the fish. Discover it yourself.

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The Power of the Sea

The unique base ingredient of our beauty products is our own Skin for Skin collagen.

Made in Holland

a sustainable, patented, 100% natural process to extract collagen from the skin of wild caught Northsea fish.

*waste stream of the food industry

Native Collagen

through our patented extraction process, we obtain native collagen instead of hydrolysate. a powerful effect with a small dose!

Our Products

Our beauty products are meant to support your beauty from the inside and outside. Feel good, look good!

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De serumcapsules zijn echte wonder-visjes: met ingrediënten als Niacinamiden, Hyaluronzuur, Squalaan, Ceramiden,…
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We believe that Skin for Skin is a gift to give to yourself! That’s how you’ll receive your order, as a present 😉


it now!

We process our native fish collagen as a basic ingredient in all kinds of beauty and health products. Skin for Skin collagen, your new beauty secret! Discover the secret of the sea for yourself. Are you ready to dive into the world of collagen?

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